CFL Season Predictions??

Well the CFL 2013 Season Predictions are out and they predict Tiger-Cats this year to finnish in third place in the East behind Montreal and Toronto, Bummers in last? BC First in the West, followed by Calgary, Sask and Edmonton?

I'm no big on predictions as too many variables can take place between opening day today and November? But in reality I think the Tiger-Cats this year could be the surprise team, yah give the so called media experts at TSN the support who have looked so negatively toward the Ti-Cats in the past and this year praise us with a third place finish it's a good motivator to play like hell and win many games and make the playoffs. I'm not at all surprised at the predictions I have become use to seeing Hamilton predicted to finish last for many years this year we moved up a notch?

Lets see by November 1st. where the teams sit, I think you'll see a much different standings!!

GO CATS GO, Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!!

check out this prediction :

Has HAMILTON winning the Grey Cup moslty die to Austin :

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