CFL Season Lacked Pizazz???

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star said so.
He says the CFL needs a wild and wooly Grey Cup to redeem the season.
Because the season lacked "pizazz"?
Maybe if the guy watched the odd CFL game, he might have wrote something that made sense.

Typical Hogtown know nothing.
Cox should stay home and cover the worthless Maple Leafs.
Instead of going to the Grey Cup and treating the rest of Canada as a bunch of hillbillies.
Because after all.
Toronto has the Bills.
And this guy has the nerve to say the CFL has no pizazz???

and who exactly is Damien Cox? :lol:

I agree the Argonauts games lacked pizazz, but the rest of the season was great! e.g., Hamilton's improvements, Casey Printers exciting late season play, Cavillo/Als' domination, Durant's coming out...etc. etc.

Cox lacks class, i met him at the All Star Game in Montreal and he acted like he was king S@^#, not impressed at all for someone who is a journalist.

YES THE CALGARY VS. SASKATCHEWAN OVERTIME GAME (34-34) REALLY LACKED PIZAZZ!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Damien Cox? That guy is annoying. I wouldn't take anything he says seriously. The guy simply isn't all that bright.

....anymore pizzaz in that one and I would have pooed my pants...

That wouldn't have been good for the medieval codpeice...

…that game I was in a full wetsuit c/w scuba gear, it wouldn’t have been pretty for my butler afterward let me tell you…but that’s why I pay him the big bucks…

I like this guy's response:

Hey Damien. Maybe if you watched the CFL the whole year instead of the Montreal playoff game you might have noticed the pizazz. CFL doesn't have to be "wild and wooly as you put it" It just has to be good football. And judging by the attendance this year, and the massive TV audiences for all games, the fans in this country think the CFL has lots of pizazz. By I"m sure the Toronto media, who does their best to ignore the league, will spend the whole GRey Cup week acting like its beneath them all. After all, they have a baseball and NFL team playing in Tranna. To that the rest of Canada say whoop-dee-stinkin-doo.

Honestly, the Media in Toronto is a farce. Considering alot of them went to Ryerson University, I think that where the slight "Ry High" came from.

Some of these guys are totally out to lunch. They obviously pay no attention to the CFL, and when they do (Grey Cup) week it's usually in a condescending way either putting down the league or its "hill billy" fans.

Yet when the Grey Cup is in Toronto, these guys have the audacity to say this is by far the best Grey Cup held, and the Grey Cup should be in Toronto at least every 3-4 years because Toronto is corporate Canada and the Grey Cup has passed by markets such as Regina or Winnipeg or what have you.

They obviously hire apes as sport reporters in Toronto, because most of them just bug me. They suck and not only for CFL, for just about anything..

I wonder what great writer wrote that??? :wink:

Haha, when I saw it I though of you, lol/