CFL Season could be delayed, CBA Talks ?

Breakdown in talks at the CFL and CFLPA level has occurred, fundamentally, over distribution of league revenues. The players union is in search of a 56 percent share of the overall pot, while the league will not budge on re-implementing revenue sharing into the collective bargaining agreement.

The CBA expires on the day before training camps open in May.

Sportsnet reported Wednesday that meetings scheduled, between both sides, for March 20 and 21 have been cancelled because the league is not even willing to negotiate a model of revenue sharing.

What irked the commissioner most, sources said, were front office folks showing their displeasure on how the process has unfolded. As Sportsnet reported Wednesday, one executive was appalled that bargaining talks had started only this month, and another called it “absurd? that teams are still unaware of what the 2014 season’s salary cap will be.

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there's a thread on this topic already ( open your eyes D H ):


Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Hamilton's Stadiums will be on time for sure now, C F :lol: