CFL season 2nd most watched ever!!!

Why?? would I dismiss the numbers? All criticisms have been against the lack of interest in Toronto. As someone above said thee Argo fans need to go to the stadium not sit at home. If a million in Toronto watched the Argos on TV it doesn't make one bit of difference to their bottom line, they will still lose money and still be in jeopardy of folding if the fans don't show up at the RC.

But if you want me to criticize then I could say the numbers are still down from 2010 when there was 830,000 viewers they dropped to 712,000 in 2011 and up to 738,000 last year and up to 758,000 this year so still some way to go to get back to the high of 830,000. :thup:

The record 2010 ratings were buoyed by a surge of CFL interest in Atlantic Canada coinciding with the first Touchdown Atlantic. CFL ratings were up substantially in N.B and N.S. in 2010, the only football markets in Canada which had predominately favoured the NFL. The CFL made great inroads in the Maritimes and reaped the harvest with their return to Moncton this year.

With regards to the league office's share of the TV revenue, I doubt they'd still get full share or that they'd need a 250% revenue increase to run their office?

TSN didn't need to double or triple their "bid" for the CFL TV rights. The league was going to sign with TSN regardless, even if they offered the same $15 million. The fact is TSN has a vested interest in seeing the CFL survive and prosper. It was Rogers, who announced to much fanfare two years ago, they wouldn't be bidding on the CFL TV rights (Stop the Presses! Can the CFL Survive without Rogers?) Rogers also announced they were withdrawing all advertising and sponsorship of the CFL forthwith (which amounted to a box on the CFL homepage with their logo in it). :roll:

You see, Rogers didn't want to drive up the value of the CFL TV rights. They liked them absurdly low in relation to the ratings. Let the CFL whither on the vine, with Rogers beloved Jays and NFL filling in the gap. The lack of TV revenue was the one thing holding back CFL teams from becoming secure in the market. CFL teams had to rely on gate receipts and the whim of their fans to stay alive.

To put this in perspective, Rogers paid $78 million for the 7-game Bills in Toronto series (which didn't include the TV rights). For a similar investment ($75 million) TSN bought 5-years of CFL TV rights, which included 360 CFL regular-season games, 10 playoff games and 5 Grey Cups. Hmmm, who got the better deal? :wink:

While the new TV deal will help the bottom line (reportedly pushing all CFL teams into profitability), the CFL's TV revenue is still only half way there.

Another potential revenue source is U.S. TV, with ESPN drawing up to 347,000 viewers for CFL games this year. Even the much-criticized Tuesday "Labour Day" game Rogers stuck the Argos with, drew substantial ratings in Canada plus another 126,000 on NBC-SN. :thup:

Pretty good post, but supposedly there was a 23 mil offer on the table from the competition. While nothing is locked, the teams are supposedly going to be averaging 3.9-4 mil distribution, and the contract is a little over 38 mil. this leaves 2-2.5 mil for the CFL (plus the fees the clubs pay to host each game and add revenue of course), which can infuse a whole bunch of projects. The video game to attract more youth (IMO this should be a big priority), promotions in schools, some R&D contributions (ie helmets), extra funding for it better wages, more training or a few more because there are more games.

Thanks for the info guys. Pretty darn good for a Canadian operated, run and owned pro sports league. No other sport can boast they have such a pro league like this in Canada with these numbers. :thup:

For the record, I say the NHL is an American run league by and large. Far more teams in the US than Canada.

I really think a lot of people in Toronto are trying to make the CFL prove that the team there, the Argos, can get a stadium built and have some good practice facilities, people are watching but it's time now the Argos show they are for real by getting a new football specific stadium. The NFL doesn't coattail on the backs of baseball stadiums any longer except for Oakland and… can't think of another. I really think if the Argos/CFL can pull this off, much more respect towards the Argos will happen in Toronto. And I can appreciate this thinking somewhat if I'm correct on this.

Once the Argonauts return to being a high profile Toronto team, all us Argonauts fans and Tiger-Cats fans can go back to hating each other, and nature's balance will have been restored :stuck_out_tongue:

The numbers will only go up from here. I could see the league garnering $120 million/yr in TV revenue by 2025. Again, we have come a long way since we had to borrow money from the NFL to survive.

And yet TSN is still going to give the CFL about 40 million dollars a year for 5 years any way. :lol: :cowboy:
It didn't seem to hurt anything.

Excellently stated, but isn't it 20 playoff games plus five Grey Cups? Four playoff games per year over five years would be 20, not 10.

ROGERS are the biggest fools in the sports business.

" when we sell NFL tickets to the people of Toronto there will be line ups for tickets at the R.C. all the way to Yonge Street "

The late Ted Rogers. :roll:

Some thing funny happened on the way to the Rogers Center. :lol:

Will they ever learn? Well in 5 years they are putting real grass in at the R.C. so where will the Toronto Bills play? :wink:

I totally respect Ted Rogers and the billions he garnered from the businesses he built with pure hard work and determination. But for a smart man he should have known better than to say something like that and make it out that people really are fools for what he believed was a very simple slam dunk. That's not the type of thinking that made him such a successful business man. I really think there were people putting a bug in his ear that he trusted, trusted a bit too much to make such a statement.

I like your optimism.
I'm surprised that NO ONE picked up on the terrible RDS ratings. The numbers were, TSN at 703,000 and RDS 53,000 that tells me there is zero interest in French Canada. Even the MLS Impact score over 100,000 viewers on RDS.
The Habs can regularly score 740,000 on RDS alone. But only 53,000 for CFL football, don't know what they have to do there.

[url=] ... p30_fr.pdf[/url]

As was stated above, the TV numbers are good and better than what they were. $2.2 million more a year per team in TV revenue is good, but that's the same as 5,000 fans (5,000 x $50) - It's not great money when you look at the cost to operate a CFL team but it helps. If the Argos attendance drops then there goes the increase in TV revenue, the Argos more than any other team need bums in the seats.

I wonder how many people in Quebec are able to watch TSN and prefer watching TSN over RDS regardless of their mother tongue? To be honest, I don't know if what I'm asking here is stupid as I'm not familiar with the Quebec television scene and what is available there.

There is no question he was an excellent business person with his invention [cable , ect...]
But the people now running Rogers are not smart sports business people and they have proven over and over again how petty they can be towards the CFL & the ARGOS. They have also proven time and time again that they fumbled away the BILLS in Toronto series disaster and any small chance of an NFL team coming to Toronto. Since ROGERS has taken over how many winning teams have they had. Toronto FC , NO. The Blue Jays , NO. The Raptors , NO and the LEAFS , NO.
Sports Net is a joke. Yes the LEAFS make money but you and I could run the Leafs and make money. :wink:

I think that you are still missing the point. Football in QUEBEC is huge. Just ask LAVAL ect...
Of course the Canadiens get more viewers the the ALS. It is the same thing in every Canadian city with an NHL team , including , Toronto.

The headline is :

The Second Most Watched CFL Season [and some people are complaining about that? :roll: ]

TSN , is not at all worried about the CFL when TSN gave the CFL almost $200,000,000 over 5 years.
When was the last time that has happened?

The CFL has up years and down years just like any sport has. Even the NFL is dealing with a lot of empty seats. Yes both Montreal and Toronto need more bums in the seats.
However , Toronto , Montreal are in the hardest CFL markets.
And you fail to mention how the BILLS in Toronto series keeps bombing. Maybe it just that the people of Toronto just don't like ALL football the way that they used too. It would help the ARGOS to have the Toronto media on their side. A CFL schedule that is not insane. It would also help if ROGERS wouldn't keep saying " the NFL ' is coming to Toronto [some day] "
That is ROGERS wishful thinking and a pipe dream that has long past.
Just ask the NFL Commish. He wants a team in L.A. and maybe London , England not Toronto.

So not buying into a franchise that has been bleeding money for years on end is being bad sports business persons?

2010 - present - David Braley - basically saved the team

2004 - 2010 - Howard Sokolowski/David Cynamon - try as they might, the team bled them dry, to the point Braley was propping them up. Cayman loved the team...he just couldn't pull it off.

2000 - 2003 - Sherwood Schwarz - ummm. interesting owner lol. Didn't the league actually revoke his ownership?

1994 - 1999 - TSN Enterprises - I thought was decent ownership

1991 - 1994 - Bruce McNall/Wayne Gretzky/John Candy - Seemed to be agressive owners willing to spend money to make money. One died, one was jailed...unfortunate for the Argos.

All of these investors lost money, are slanting things your way again ! Compare apples to apples , the 53000 RDS number you refer to is the average for the year of all games shown on RDS and is not only when the Alouettes are playing , the numbers you quote on RDS for the impact and Canadiens is when they are on RDS ( ie.... , the home fans watching the home team) other words why don't you go searching for how many watch soccer on RDS when say Columbus and Portland are playing(if that ever happens) OR why don't you compare Impact numbers when a game is shown to Alouette numbers when a game is shown on RDS. OH and don't forget to mention this Sunday;s game numbers on RDS between The Cats and Als .

David Braley's share of the new contract with TSN is about $8 million because he owns 2 CFL teams. That sounds smart to me.
How many Grey Cups have The ARGOS won?
AND except for Edmonton , can you name 1 other CFL team that hasn't lost money , came close to folding and / or folded and came back again?

You are correct, sir!(I must have ran out of fingers and toes). TSN got 360 reg. season games, 20 playoff games and 5 Grey Cups. Not a bad haul for $75 million! TSN got rich while CFL teams were on the street corner with a tin cup. Now TSN is paying about $200 million for those games, guaranteeing they will still have a league to televise in 5 years. :wink:

DAVID BRALEY , will also be a very rich man. :wink:

correction = His share of the new T.V. contract will be about 8 million A YEAR for 5 years if he still keeps both of his CFL teams. :cowboy:

Once again you are proving what a moron you are again... Only 25% of CFL games are shown on RDS so that means the average game drew 212 viewers. Get a life and go watch the NFL. We don't need you arond here and either do the Redblacks. Do them a favour and DONT go to their games. They will fill the stadium without you.
As for your little math lesson. You know as well as anyone else that between corporate tickets and giveaways that other then Montreal, no one in the CFL gets anything near 50 bucks a fan. If each CFL team gets 4 million a year that is almost 400k a game.Your beloved TFC generates nowhere near 400K/game when you factor in everything from tickets sold, corporate sponsorship and no exsistant TV rights