CFL season 2nd most watched ever!!!

According to TSN ...


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That's impressive despite the horrible schedule for, what I consider, a transitional year for the league.

The Southern Ontario viewing market is also way up. Now only if those ARGO fans watching ARGO games in droves on T.V. would actually buy a ticket to see them live. :roll:

great news and fantastic support. :thup:

[b]CFL audiences on TSN and RDS combined for an average of 758,000 viewers per game - an increase of 3.6 per cent compared to last year.

This season, three CFL games scored audiences surpassing one million viewers.

"The CFL is the cornerstone of our summer broadcast schedule delivering a dedicated audience of engaged Canadian football fans," said Stewart Johnston, President, TSN. "As the league continues to grow, we are thrilled that our long-term partnership continues to raise the profile of the league and ensures that the CFL remains as a must-see property for Canadian sports fans."[/b]

and cue for mikem to dismiss the results...

These numbers are to die for and are a very close second to the NHL.
They can only be bigger next year with Ottawa coming in.

TSN has a new T.V. agreement till 2018 with the CFL but I don't know how much the CFL got???

Reportedly it is in excess of $4M per 9 teams.

Can you imagine when we get a 10th team and if it is Atlantic Canada, the numbers should reach an average 1 million plus.

I wonder what the ratings will do when Ottawa is back? Should we expect them to go up into the 800,000 range? It seems to be only getting better with the proper return of Ottawa in a brand new stadium.

I really wonder how much more ratings we will get having them back.

You’d think so… that’s the hope. 2020 here we come.

Still way down from 876K in 2010. If the games in the final few weeks had more consequences maybe the ratings could of been higher.

That can't be right unless that is "4M a year per 9 teams" for 5 years. ?

4 x 9 = 36 million. They got more than that the last time?

More then twice as much... try 40 million a year up from 16 ... e10053800/
If they could of maintained there 2010 numbers it would of been over 50 million

40+ Million a year... WOW!!! Now TSN is getting serious about the CFL. :rockin:

THANK YOU for the post :thup:

The way I understand the TV pot is divided based on a combination of equal shares for the 9 teams plus head office for the expenses.
So it would be 10 shares of the $40M.

That is every year for 5 years.
Still that is much better than last time. David Braley is one of the the big winners here because he owns 2 teams X times the money].
Hey , he is not so dumb after all. :wink:

Not much parity this year either. The playoff teams were long decided.

I agree. With an 8 team league having 2 terrible teams , they stick out like a sore thumb.
It was hard to get excited to watch Edmonton and Winnipeg games.
However , the new T.V. deal and the T.V. ratings are great news for the CFL.

In 2014 , we will have a new team and stadium in OTTAWA [so far , 12,000+ season ticket holders].
A new stadium in , Hamilton. Winnipeg , will be back where it belongs in the WEST Division.
I am sure both Winnipeg and Edmonton will be better teams in , 2014.