the cfl attempts to have a throwback night, but once again they drop the ball and have those ridiculous sponsor patches on the jerseys, they tried to go old school with no last names and no logos on the helmets of the argos, yet they allow those foolish sponsor nipple tags on the jerseys, get rid of the nipple tags, whats the point of having a throwback night with sponsors on jerseys that didnt even exist during the 1950s, and don't even get me started about the field at the rogers tomb and all those ugly sponsorship logos on the field, and if it was throwback night, why didn't they have an old school endzone with the diagonal stripes within the endzone, the black & white replays on the jumbotron were weak.

Basically those uniforms weren't throwbacks, they were throw away jerseys, and the entire night was a waste of money, i threw away my money for nothing, that jerseys, the field, kerry joseph's throwing arm were all garbage. And why did it take until the 4th quarter to use your backup QB, why is mcneal still playing WR, wtf happened to david "steroid nipple ring" boston, why do the argos continue the trend of signing has-been, over-the-hill, overrated nfl busts/former first round draft picks, signing 9 ex-nfl training camp cuts sure helped last night, the argos are an all-time bust.


I liked 'em. Ads didn't bother me. Even the cheerleaders were dressed like they were at a sock hop :smiley:


Yes it was a good atmosphere, except eh Argos team.

oh god.

do you have nothing better to do than to come on here and bitch about something so stupid and insignificant? Get a life!

I agree to a point, on the Uni's. If you're going to go through all the trouble of a retro night, from the cheer leaders to the announcers and color people, then leave those tacky tags OFF for 1 night.

If you really want a throwback night, how about 25-yard end zones? No blocking on kick returns? Leather helmets? :lol:

I thought the throwback night was not too bad, other than the fact the Argos stunk out the joint. The Argo jeresey were god-awful, much like the team istelf, and it looked like they were wearing Penn State helmets. I loved the Bomber jersey and helmet. The only other thing I found annoying was Randorf trying to sound like a 50's announcer.

I thought that part was fine Sambo

I think they should have had the referees dressed up like the 50's.

Clueless. Those jersey/field logos pay the bills, fella.
Your soap box caved in on you after this pathetic tirade. Stripes in the endzone? That would have made the entire night complete, I tell ya. And why stop there? Take the Field Turf out and bring in loads of sod and dirt, then hose it all down. Now that's 50's! Wait, that WOULD have been cool... 8)

Dude, go meditate, volunteer at an animal shelter, go to church...whatever. Just stop whining for the sake of whining. :thdn:

Maybe they could have played outdoors on a natural grass surface, soaked the field down to replicate the Mud Bowl conditions too... then he would have really enjoyed it!... :lol: :lol: :lol:

ROFL My thoughts exactly Sambo. They should have had 5 point touchdowns too.

I mean if you’re going to complain about a nod to the past, and that’s exactly what this was, then you might as well complain that it should be 100% authentic and nothing less. Right down to the shoe laces. Of course 100% authenticity would be practically impossible, so the best we can do is to replicate within reason the colours and atmosphere of yesteryear. I thought the CFL did a great job.

it was a classy effort by a classy league.

cfl is ghetto with their sponsor logos on the field and uniforms, the excuse that it pays the bills is a dumb excuse, how come ncaa football doesn't need it, and they always secure big time money.

Maybe its because most colleges have filthy rich Alumni.. and that NCAA just might be even more popular than the NFL is.. if you have stadium that can accomodate 100K+ fans and sell it out everytime, that should tell you why...

....could it be ...seeing as you are probably an Argo fan ..td69...that the real problem and disappointment was that your team got their collective a$$es kicked... :wink:

Your intelligence is 'ghetto'. Paying bills is a dumb excuse? Hate to be a collection agent assigned to your file, pal.

NCAA, no salaries, HUGE (athletic dept.) sponsorship deals, triple the size (min.) of CFL crowds...I'd go on but I think you've been shamed enough for today. :oops:

Not sure what your argument is, the NCAA is rife with sponsor logos and names. When was the last time you watched a bowl game. Every bowl game now has a sponsor name attached to it as well as that sponsors logo on every uniform and the field as well. At least the CFL hasn't resorted to tags like the Frito-Lay Grey Cup or the Kelloggs eastern final.

I thought the Argos dressed their team from the 50's.....