CFL Scouting Bureau

It will be interesting to see an update to the CFL Scouting List with a couple of NCAA Canadian Juniors declaring themselves for the NFL draft. DL Christian Covington 6'3 300 Rice U and WR Lemar Durant 6'2 230 Simon Fraser U should be rated near the top of the CFL list IMO if they are eligible to be drafted this year. Canadian QB at South Alabama Brandon Bridge should also be listed as a top prospect.
Where is Duane Forde with his list? He is probably working feverishly behind the scenes trying to keep up. :slight_smile:

I would like to hear Mr. Forde's take on the new "International" rule that one only has to be a Canadian Citizen to be eligible for the draft. Every year there seems to be a Ted Laurent type guy in the US who was born and lived a few years in Canada, but now they only have to be Canadian born apparently.
I can think of a few NCAA players in the past several years who would be eligible now but weren't then because of that 5 year in Canada rule. Guys like the Cowan brothers Pat and Joe who played at UCLA and were born in Surrey BC. WR Jayson Boyd UTEP son of Jeff Boyd (Winnipeg and Toronto), WR T.J. Jones son of Andre Jones (Winnipeg). There are probably some more players out there that the CFL scouts will need to find.
NY Jet Coach Rex Ryan was born in Toronto and could be a Canadian Citizen. If so he has a son playing at Clemson who could be declared a Canadian for CFL purposes. New project for all CFL Scouts: trace all children of US Players and Coaches who were born in Canada. :lol: The plot thickens.

Good read DoubleBlue. But not sure if you know of Seymour on the Ticats forum, your post here may provide him with more ammo for this wish to eliminate the ratio rule. :wink: Maybe the rule should be all non-Internationals must have played at least 2 years in the CIS and be born in Canada. :wink: