CFL Scores

A quick look at the scoreboard shows that both exhibition games are already over. CFL games are fixed like NBA!

...not according to Live Play-by-Play...

Well I thought it was funny. lol

And tomorrow's winning lotto numbers are....

That's alright. Over at TSN it says there are no game scheduled for today. I guess preseason really doesn't count for anything!

apparently so. if you ask me the cfl preseason is big things to canadians, they lucked out with the contract preseason should be included.

What the heck is the deal with the scores yesterday taking so long to post. You’d think the leagues own site would be the first ones with the scores and it took them almost a full day before they were posted, whats wrong with that picture.

Maybe the scores are brought to us by rogers cable.

LOL! I'm surprised we even got the scores then. :stuck_out_tongue: