CFL Scheduling for October

I'd really like to see October Friday night games, or any other October night games for that matter played at stadiums that are indoors only. Save the outdoor games for afternoon on the weekend. It was below zero yesterday at Commonwealth and we only drew 38,000 fans as a result. Today it's something like ten degrees out and sunny and im sure that we'd be able to draw WAY more than 38, 000 to the game if it were today. I myself went to the game yesterday, the cold doesn't stop me from coming, but it sure did stop alot of others.

*Just noticed a typo in my poll question, should be "crowd" not crow.

So all you would get in Oct on Friday night is Toronto or BC.
No thanks

We could have Toronto, BC, and a game in Montreal at Olympic stadium, and then after that one game somewhere outdoors. There's only four fridays in the month(sometimes 5 i guess), so if we have one game each friday night we could have 3 games indoors and only 1 outdoors. This is not entirely fixing the problem as we'd still need one game outdoors a month but would help outdoor attendances drastically as we try to avoid the poor weather.

I think the west (and the east) need more indoor stadiums for that or they need more period. Winnipeg is getting one in the next few years. I'd like to see almost every team have a dome stadium in the next following decades, but that's not gonna happen. The designers just need to take the weather effect on the crowd into account when they design new stadiums and try to design it so that they will be more comfortable. Until then, people are just gonna have to deal.

Only , "drew , 38,000?" Want to switch? :wink: :lol:

I love the play offs out doors. I think that it makes it more interesting to have the choice of indoor or out door. Weather has always been a big part of CFL, lore. SNOW BOWL , MUD BOWL , ICE BOWL.......ect........

Otherwise we would be like the NFL and only have SUPERBORES , in the Southern U.S...... Teams like the BILLS , GREEN BAY , CHICAGO, ect......will never have a , Superbowl.

No way in hell. The elements are part of the game. Football fans are a tough breed. 38,000 is a great number.. better than most places can ever do, because most places can't even seat that many! Be happy, be traditional, maybe one day you'll be able to tell your kids how you once went to a Grey Cup where the snow was so thick that the winning team put on snowshoes in the fourth quarter and proceeded to score 21 unanswered points for a come from behind home victory.

Also, you would've gotten less than 38,000 in any of the indorr stadiums anyway, and wouldn't have been able to go yourself.. why would you want that?