CFL Scheduling Disaster

I don't follow hockey so I have no idea and never been to a Sens game, but I have been to quite a few Redblacks games even though I moved out of Ottawa a few years ago.
It's a great atmosphere and fans have a lot of fun.


only atmosphere in the East that compares to the Cats is the RB's.

Have had some RB fans join us here at THF and they commented on the same. We have kept in touch with some RB fans and have offered up our residence to save on costs. They have in turn done the same. A great relationship I think between fans. I don't see that with Toronto or Montreal. But RB's are top notch!


Totally. Great stadium, fans, atmosphere. I’ve partied with Cats fans a few times
after the games and they can put me to shame in that dept. Would love to see a game in Hamilton. How much trouble would I get in wearing that shirt?

Btw, games at Molson Stadium are awesome.


Never been bothered (light hearted banter maybe) wearing my REDBLACK shirts to Tim Horton's Field and I remember wearing my Rough Rider stuff into the Oskee Wee Wee room at Ivor Wynne and yes got a few looks but otherwise all good times there.

Could say the same for Toronto but the last few times there were more Ottawa fans than Argo supporters.

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we fully embrace any CFL fan, or shirt, including the Arblows.

The days of the nasty IWS (and the fans) are really done. The current Hamilton fanbase is most respectful. Only fight I've seen in 10+ years was actually in BMO. (sure, Hamilton fan getting into it with an Argo fan...but at BMO).

Even Riders fans, who will definitely get the most shit, are welcomed.


oh, and I need to get back to Montreal for a game...been a number of years, and the last one was late in the season with freezing rain.

kinda put a dampener on the festivities.

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They beat up Montreal just as badly

6-3 vs Calgary
6-3-1 vs Montreal

Identical W-L records; the extra game was an OT loss

The only other team they beat all season was (laughably) Toronto who they split season series with

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