CFL schedules Playoff games for SATURDAY afternoons! CRAZY!

The CFL is doing the Western and Eastern Semis and Finals on SATURDAY afternoons; according to the CFL site below, they are. Is this a bad dream?

Are they trying to tie this in with Hockey Night In Canada or trying to avoid a showdown with Sunday NFL?

When was the last time a Playoff game or any game for that matter was here on a Saturday afternoon? Has Cohen lost his mind? yes he has. this is crazy

just looked at my magnet lions scheduale and it say’s playoffs are on the sunday not sat, i think that is a mistake by the cfl on there website.

i do not think they would do that on sat and go up against the nhl, were the canucks play both those nights at home, and on one of the saturdays they play home to toronto starting at 4:00 pm our time.

just looked at the tsn website too and it does say sat too so maybe it is in on the sat, i hope that the lions do not host the wf because the leafs are here that 4:00 pm.

Don't believe what the magnets say; the websites are updated a lot more recently.

Same situation as last year. We have the Western Final at 1 pm followed by a Canucks / Leafs game that starts next door at 4.

Where on the TSN website does it say Saturdays also?

Leafs and Canucks will be mathemacally eliminated from the playoffs by the time the playoffs come.

I think Saturday isn't so bad. It means not going head to head with the NFL. Also Saturday (Nights) have been better for the Lions than any other night.

No it makes no sense and it will kill attendance.

It's all because of TSN. They want the NFL exclusively for Sunday.

Yet they could have the NFL game on TSN2 for a couple of weeks could they not?

If Mark Cohen doesn't want to take a stand here then he ought to resign.

TSN is relegating a Sunday Playoff tradition to Saturday. TSN is cheapening this league.

You will be watching the Eastern Semi and Final at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning when children are watching Cartoons on other channels.

How does that make you feel? CFL Playoff game on at same time as Saturday Cartoons.

I can believe the CFL would move playoffs to Saturday. It's a Canadian tradition to watch the playoffs on Sunday. I work most Saturdays and there is no way I can take 2 Saturdays in a row to watch the playoffs. The CFL should be ashamed of themselves.

Doing something to make it more difficult for fans to get to the game is NOT a good move.

Just to let TSN run the CFL schedule from now on is something I'd call on Mark Cohen to either deal with and resolve or resign over.

Mark my word; the Grey Cup is next to be shoved to a Saturday

Saturday is better for me, so I don't mind.

Really the Lions never play home games on Sundays, so why would one day make a difference?

Look at it from a positive.

You have an extra day to cure the hangover before work! :wink:


So what's your point?

When was the last time you watched a game in BC Place on a Saturday at 1 pm ??????????????

Sigh, some people are NEVER happy. :roll: :roll: