CFL schedule

I was just playing with some numbers and have this suggestion for the CFL schedule. Frankly, I find 18 regular-season games too much. Further, we are getting into some nasty weather at the end of the season, which is especially true in the West. The prairies' teams have open stadia exposed to the elements.

My suggestion is a 16-game season, which would be broken down as follows:

Each team would play the other division teams 2 games each, home and away, for 8 games as is currently the case.
Each team would play the other teams in their own division 2 games each, home and away, as well as two other teams, 1 home and the other away, for a total of 8 games.
Over a 3-year period, each team would play the other divisional teams either 2 or 3 games during the season. This would be the case in both the East and West divisions.

For example, Montreal would play each Western division team twice, home and away.
Montreal would play 3 Eastern division teams twice and two other teams once each, either home or away.

There would be 3 pre-season games to allow the coaching staff to better assess their newcomers over a longer period. In the third pre-season game, more of the starters could get in some valuable playing time as the teams are paring down their respective rosters and getting their starters into game shape for the start of the regular season. The pre-season would start one week earlier (beginning of June), and the regular season would end earlier in the beginning of November.

I think the advantage here would be playing the GC, especially when the venue is a Western city with an open stadium. Field conditions would have less of an impact upon play.

Food for thought. Ideas?

I don't like your concept and I don't think it would work because:

1- Broadcasters don't want to trade regular season games for pre-season. So your devaluing the TV property.

2- Who is going to make up the lost million dollars in revenues from tickets plus the hits fom the lowered TV revenues ?

3- Players aren't paid for pre-season games so they will never agree to play more games for free.

I'm sure a lot of players would agree
18 games is one heck of a grind
You'd be hard-pressed to get management to make the concession though
The extra revenue would have to come out of someone's pocket
Guess who?

As far as the weather being the important factor here
I frankly don't get people wingeing about the weather in the CFL
As long as I can remember the weather has been a prime element (no pun intended)
To the character of this game
Obviously those who want to see endless air-attacks and touchdowns
Are going to be turned off by a game played in -30 degree conditions
Or in a white-out blizzard

But the fact that the weather favours the team with the best straight-ahead running game
Or the best run-defence
(Or the quarterback who's tough enough to pass the ball regardless)
Is part and parcel of the long-term strategy in the CFL
And adds to it's unique charm and character

I can't help feeling slightly insulted whenever anyone suggests radical changes to this game
Especially when those proposals always seem to mimic our "lesser cousins" to the south
Leave the game alone
It's GREAT as is.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I am not supportive of a plan that shortens our already short season. In addition, the weather has certainly been a factor in several Grey Cup games. Did anyone watch the CIS final game from Saskatoon a couple of years ago Severe cold, biting winds and, a low scoring game- this was like Siberia. The elements have greatly effected GC games in past. I would like to have the GC played in TO, MTL or Vancouver.

18 games are certainly not enough for me. If anything, I want an All-Star game in addition of what there is now. But with just 8 teams, it may not mean much.

As for the weather, let me offer this. Look down south. There are NFL playoff games in February in places like Green Bay, Chicago or Denver. If they can endure it, surely Canadians can endure it in November, can we not?

I tend to agree with Niagara on the venue of the GC.

It is true that the weather in some NFL cities is p--- poor and they play into January. However, the GC is the CFL's Super Bowl, the premier game of the season. For those of us of a certain age, we can remember Mud Bowls, Snow Bowls, the infamous Fog Bowl in Toronto, and, for that matter, the "Staple" Bowl in Montreal. True, in lousy weather both teams are subjected to the same conditions, but I much prefer to see the premier game played when skill, not weather, is the key factor. I would also agree that, barring improvements to existing stadia or construction of new domed stadia, that the GC should be limited to BC, Toronto, or Montreal.

Pour moi, la température fait partie du football et ces gars-là ne sont pas exactement des moumounes.

Ça fait partie du charme de la LCF, et ça rend les joueurs qui y jouent d’autant plus méritoires.

Mud Cup, Ice Cup, Fog Cup, Flood Cup, on ne les a peut-être même pas encore toutes eues!

The Grey Cup is a cash cow for the team in the city that is holding it. I might be off on this, but I believe it is $2-3 million. So you have to alternate cities for equality sake.

And I am one of those of a certain age and fondly remember those Grey Cups played in adverse conditions.

For a team hosting the Grey Cup, the bottom line/surplus is no less than $5.0 millions. Would not be surprised if it is in the vicinity of $6.0 millions in 2012.