CFL schedule

Don't know who the moron/s are who are responsible for this years schedule but they certainly put the screws to the Eskimos and their fans. The first 4 Eskimo home games are on a Thursday, that is twice as many as any other team has to play the entire year. With attendance way down on Thursday games this is highly unfair.

For fans like myself who have to travel to see games live, the Thursday games are very difficult to attend. It also makes it difficult for working people to attend games as a night game on a week day means you're not getting home till nearly midnight. The CFL brass needs to scrap the Thursday games altogether or at the very least spread them evenly amongst all the teams.

I think the bog need to clean house at the league office. Dont think there is a brain cell on staff right now. Cant remember when there last has been.

I checked the full cfl schedule and you are right, over the course of the season, Edm hosts 4 home games on Thurs night, whereas a couple of teams have 3 and most have 2.

I could very well be wrong, but I believe that teams do input into the schedule. I have no doubt that the league has the final say (as it has to be) but are you sure it is just the league that is repsonsible?

Everyone knows that TSN probably has nearly "final say" on which timeslots games take place - to fit in their other scheduling - but they probably have less say on which teams play in those time slots and even less on which of the two teams will host.


With TSN showcasing the CFL this year, it appears as an effort to have the games on the tube on as many nights to grab attention I suppose.

I agree, the Eskie fans have been hosed this year - hopefully that won't be an annual thing.

Do note fellas, that after the bye weeks, there's only one more Thursday game the entire season.

Is it better to have a one game Friday, two games Saturday, one Sunday format? What about college and NFL schedules once they get cookin'? How does that affect it in your minds?

Don't forget the traveling issues and costs for TSN to broadcast these games.

FootballYouBet: What are other issues with the BOG you don't like?

FootballYouBet: What are other issues with the BOG you don't like?
read it again. Its not the bog I have issues with. It the CFL staffbrass at the league office.

Read it again.

What are issues with the CFL staff/ brass you don't like?