CFL schedule system

Luckily Thursday games are just in the Summertime. But the rest of the CFL season breaks down to: 14 Friday, 16 Saturday, 10 Sunday, 4 Monday. CFL goes head to head with NFL week one with the same kickoff times. I like how the CFL has Sunday matchups coming through the NFL season. Can't wait to the the ratings head to head against the NFL. The CFL Sunday night game last week was a hit and maybe more games on Sundays is a good thing since people are at home and relaxing.

Week 9 - Fr, St, Su, Su
Week 10 - Fr, St, Mn, Mn
Week 11 - Fr, St, Su, Su *NFL WEEK 1
Week 12 - Fr, St, St, Su
Week 13 - Fr, St, Su, Su
Week 14 - Fr, Fr, St, St
Week 15 - Fr, Fr, St, St
Week 16 - Fr, St, Mn, Mn
Week 17 - Fr, St, St, Su
Week 18 - Fr, St, St, Su
Week 19 - Fr, Fr, St, St

Still prefer sunday afternoon doubleheaders....the hell with the NFL we always try to compare it to ours in the tv ratings category...if your a cfl fan u will watch cfl plain and simple. When I watch I watch all cfl first then maybe between commercials I switch over to nfl for 2 minutes to get caught up.....Saturdays I find are not great because the bigger supposedly tv audience is around GTA they measure and Saturdays around Toronto is HIGH RETAIL days so they cant watch due to shopping or have to in the GTA I admire all western cities cause they are so devoted....and don't say cause theres nothing else to do...THAT A LOAD OF CRAP EXCUSE!!!! if u want to watch CFL u will watch it

Yes but it's a gate driven league and Friday games are very popular and a lot of families are at the lake or choose other activities on Sundays .The NFL also has a huge viewing audience in Canada , so why take away from your potential gate. Southern Ontario already is immersed in the NFL culture ,why give them more reason not to go to games.

All we ever hear on this board is how CFL fans don't watch the NFL, don't like the NFL, so why would NFL and CFL games going head to head be a threat?
If you say that Southern Ontario is "immersed in the NFL culture" then it seems that the NFL fans would have no interest in watching a CFL game.
NFL/CFL games played at the same time on a Sunday gives a true measure of ratings preference. You get to see what sports TV viewers are watching. Don't know if the TV ratings measure viewers like myself that will watch the CFL game but also flicking back and forth during breaks to look at the NFL games.

Fridays , the CFL has the entire football viewing audience and ticket buyers to themselves. I think that is good business sense ? :? Some Sunday games are fine but keep Friday's and Saturdays as your staple. People love going the games on Friday's, can still make the lake after the game or sat morning. They can whoop it up and not have to worry about staggering in to work Monday morning. As for the playoffs , Sundays work and stadiums will sellout no matter what. (except RC)

Hey Slimjim - yes you have read some people on this board say that CFL fans don't like the NFL and vice versa - but the reality is most are like you (and me) and are interested in both.

Canada wide a survey got these results - The survey states 21 per cent of Canadians are following the NFL compared to 26 per cent for the CFL. Fourteen per cent of each fan base follows both leagues. In Southern Ontario the number following the NFL is actually slightly higher than the CFL - but again most following either are fans of both.

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So that means more than half of CFL fans do follow the NFL - so to schedule head to head will bleed some CFL viewers. Sometimes when head to head the CFL wins - sometimes the NFL. Some Sundays CTV attracts over 800,000 viewers for their NFL regular season games - and knowing over half of those are also CFL fans it just seems silly to me for them to schedule both CFL and NFL games at the same time very often as they will just be cannibalizing ratings off the other.

Plus we won't see many Sunday CFL double headers once the NFL starts because Bell Media has 3 NFL time slots each Sunday with their new NFL contract. Most Sundays 1:00PM on CTV and TSN2 (and possibly other NFL games on some of the extra 3 TSN channels), at 4:00PM CTV2 and usually the main TSN network will have games and then the prime time game on the main TSN network.

Guessing here - but I think the Sunday 1:00PM Ti-Cats - Als game on opening weekend for the NFL will be beaten in ratings by CTV's 1:00PM NFL games. I'm sure TSN probably would have preferred not to have a game in that time slot and rather focus on the Banjo Bowl that day with a pre-game show even to help expose the country to the excitement of that game in Winnipeg. - but McGill is not available to the Als on Saturday I guess.

Seven of nine RedBlack home games are on Friday nights, and I absolutely love that. :rockin: Hope it continues as a strategy and is not just a coincidence.

I don't mind the Friday games in the summer months.

But in the Fall....I always like the Sunday afternoon games. Failing that I also liked the Saturday 3PM games...

Friday night games in late October really suck.

Your Canadian right ? suck it up ! October football in the evening is fine. Doesn't get that cold in Oct. This is coming from a Bomber fan.

I would like to see the CFL start earlier in the spring and have the Grey Cup earlier in the fall. Or figure out what the warmest 18 weeks of the year for the regular season.

Not a fan of weeknight games at any time of the season for purely selfish reasons, it makes it difficult if not impossible to get to games (I live 2 hrs south of Calgary) but so be it. I prefer the Sunday affternoon games as we can then make a weekend out of it.