CFL Schedule Makers

CFL sched-maker… whats up?

Riders haven’t played Edmonton… and don’t until week 20 and 21… and possibly week 22 if a whole bunch of crazy happens…

Didn’t have the same scheduling weirdness against Ottawa last year?

There’s only 9 teams, maybe space out the matchups between teams that only play eachother twice?

Agreed. It seems like it wouldn’t be so difficult to make a few adjustments.

I’ve thought the same, but I think they try to anticipate what teams may be battling in the playoff lead-up and schedule head-heads for more drama and interest. Just my guess.

I have to say that, aside from that stretch in September without a home game, this year has probably been the best schedule-wise that I can recall in a long time. Bye weeks have come at advantageous times of the year to help our injured players get rest. Our guys should be fresh after last week, then get some more rest in the last game of the year before hosting the East Final.

The stars certainly have aligned so far.

Totally agree. Hopefully good for us next few years too.