CFL schedule maker should be fired ''dates & times''

Football game tonight at BC Place should not be played at 6pm (4pm local) On a Saturday night it is hard for any type of fan no matter where they live to get to the stadium or want to go to any event.

I look at the schedule from week 1 all the way through and it's just a nightmare! poor decisions (thursday games for the Blue Bombers hurts ticket sales, marketing, and even stadium activities) Saturday late afternoon games in Vancouver.

A Tuesday nighter? even if its a holiday in the city of sinkhole.

Saturday and Sunday games should be later. 7:00/7:30/8:00 local time.

I remember the saturday playoff debacle. I was so against it. It only lasted 1 season. There are things you just can't mess around in the game of football. You might get away with it for hockey but not football.

Scheduling is very important for so many reasons. There has to be changes made and they must learn from these mistakes.

Hmm - let me think here. Why would the CFL (and TSN) ever schedule a game for 7:00PM Eastern time on a Saturday night. Might that have anything to do with that being the exact same time slot that Canadians 2 million strong are used to watching the first game of Hockey Night in Canada’s double header. A time slot that always wins the sports TV ratings for HNIC for every week during the hockey season.

Sure let’s start the game at 10PM or 11PM ET and see how many fewer viewers TSN and just as importantly in the case of an Als game - that RDS would get in eastern time zones. Never mind even later in Atlantic Canada. Last night’s second game of the Friday night double header was ending after 1AM here and I know from chat on the Ti-Cats board the game was losing Ti-Cats fans who were going to bed as the game rolled on past 1:00AM in this time zone, 2:00AM in Atlantic Canada - 2:30AM in Newfoundland.

As for Tuesday night games on the schedule - that would likely be the Argos for the only night on which Rogers Centre was available to them.

my beef with the schedule makers is when they have the same teams play twice in 4 games. Every team that plays each other twice should do so once in each half of the season at least 5 games apart.

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ticats are going to bed lol ya i'm sure they were!!!

so you think tsn controls the schedule then the cfl should be charging them more money for tv deal. it hurts attendance and by reading what leos fans are saying they don't think it was a good idea starting it at 4pm.....

and people in ontario or quebec are used to watching games late. thats part of being in the eastern time zone.

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This has to be the stupidest post I've seen from you - and you've set the bar high for stupid posts.

Reread travelpatb's post.
Yours does not.

If you think that TSN has no say in the scheduling of games, especially the start times, you live in a fantasy world.

I agree that the schedule could be much better, but not for the reasons you mention.
Per the comment above, the Argos and Riders should not be meeting twice in the first five weeks and then not again.
Also, as an Argo STH, I don't appreciate them having no home games for all of September and then a home game every week in October. I won't even discuss the Tuesday night game - again!
Who makes a ridiculous schedule like that?

My view from the "sinkhole" Mr. Summary Judgement.

On a Friday night when lots of people were probably up as early as 6AM or 7AM for their jobs that morning- yes people start heading to bed around 11PM or midnight as they get tired last night. Three of us in my household were watching the Cats game at the beginning at 10PM last night - I was the only one watching by the end.

Saturday nights when HNIC does a doubleheader the first game almost always gets as many as a million more viewers than the second game and why is that - because lots of people in the east have gone to bed already by the time the second game is heading to the second period.

Heck even weeknight Stanley Cup final games started as early as 5:00PM in Los Angeles local time because the NHL and its TV partners know they would lose too many viewers to bed in the east if they waited to start those games at 7:00PM local time.

there are 9 teams...there are going to be more thursday games then normal, and they are not going to make a lot of evening games in does that make any sense for TV viewing. They havent done that in a while...and surprise surprise...ratings are way up...shocking.

The schedule makers, which is a committee with representation from each club, should be commended. It is not an easy task with 9 teams and one that gets pushed out by a ball team.

I moved to Toronto and thank goodness this game started early. I think it's great that the league is making it easier on the different time zones. If we want people to watch the games, we have to have games start at decent times and end at decent times. The casual fan isn't going to stay up past midnight to watch a game. I work saturdays and barely even watched the Hamilton - Calgary game last night. It's the east that needs to be worked on, and as a west coast guy, it pains me to say it - the league needs to cater game times to the eastern time zone.

I'm a big proponent of standard start times (eg. every FNF game starts at 8pm ET) so that people will just turn on a TV and a game will be on (similar to HNIC). Once all the stadium issues have been sorted out, I hope the league moves in that direction.

And Winnipeg had over 30,000 fans at their recent Thursday night game. Thursday games aren't a problem. Winning helps.

no winnipeg doesn't help. time of game helps. people in winnipeg complain all the time with these dumb thursday games. its going to hurt them in the long run. i guarentee you wpg will not have any thursday games next year.

it's hurting them lots this year. especially the after the game activities. nobody is staying.

also its hard for the team to sell tix. that 1 extra day in the week can be the difference of selling 2,000 tix.

think before you talk.

Guarantee huh?
You truly are powerful.

And misguided.

Where is your evidence?? You're saying these things like they are facts. Winnipeg had 24872, then 27553, then 30976, all of them Thursday games. What accounted for the huge jump in tickets? Winning. Maybe it's something else, I don't know, but please provide a reference if you're saying it's hard to sell tickets.

Although I will agree with you - in general, fans do not like Thursday games and eventually they are removed. Edmonton used to have a lot and people complained, so now they don't.

I hate to repost things, but based on what I have been reading, what I said in another topic needs to be restated here:

Guys, WBBB knows more than everyone here. By disagreeing with him you are proving that you have "zero" knowledge when it comes to the game of football. Obviously those disagreeing with him have not joined a large NCAA or NFL message board or they would realize that they are giving message boards a bad name.

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And speaking of his guarantees, I'll repeat here the question I've been asking in other threads, as he keeps ignoring it:

I think Blue Dragoon is on to something here !..... I just don't answer at all. :thup:

The reason Bomber games are on Thursdays during the summer is to accommodate the people going to the lake on the wknds. It doesn't really matter when games are in Winnipeg , people will go.

4pm is a great time for a game here in Vancouver. For years the Lions couldn't have afternoon games, especially in the summer because no one wanted to come indoors on a nice day. Now that the roof opens we have Saturday afternoon games. It's awesome. The Lions were always handcuffed because Saturday nite you're up against nightlife in this town, (and in the fall those damn Canucks across the street) so games were always Friday nite, Friday nite, Friday nite. I work at 7am. After a full work week and then a Fri nite game ending at 10:30 or later, I am often fighting to stay awake in the 4th quarter.

We also have many Lions fans on the island who can't get back home after night games because the last ferry is 11:30. With the afternoon games it is actually EASIER for more fans to get in to the game and get back home again from out of town. This has been a huge issue for fans on the island for years and now they are finally getting what they want.

And the games look amazing with the sun streaming in on those bright orange uniforms!

Thank GOD for Saturday afternoon games in Vancouver. :thup:

''thank god for saturday afternoon games in vancouver'' lol

considering about 4 times they mentioned that it was going to be a struggle to attract fans for a 4pm game on TSN broadcast yesterday. ya you are right... ur i mean wrong!

The Blue Bombers did not have thursday games for the cottage people. They did it because of traffic concerns on a Friday night. The BB will not have Thursday games next year. They already know thursday games are bad for ticket sales. And don't mention 30,000 for last thursday cause it was because they were 3-0 and the fans wanted to attend a game that was finally a big one in the new stadium.

well "they" didn't know what they were talking about. last year for the summer games, attendance was roughly the same for afternoon and evening games, and so far this year, same as last year.