CFL Schedule Expected To Be Announced Today

According to various sources the 2011 CFL schedule is expecyed to be released today at 12:00 EST (5 mins from now), keeping my eyes open so i can start planning my season … lol …

Just please don’t have us playing the Cats 4 times in the first 6 weeks, please don’t have us playing anyone 4 times in the first 6 weeks.

Hmmmm ..... no Cats VS Argos on Labour Day, interesting .... MTL at Ham on Labour day
guess it's Brailey VS Brailey on LD (T.O VS BC) interesting twist


Pre-Season A ---- WPG @ MTL
PS B -------------- Tor @ WPG


Week 1 ----- @ Hamilton ---- Fri july 1 ----
Week 2 ----- VS T.O --------- Fri July 8 ----
Week 3 ----- VS Cgy --------- Thurs July 14 --
Week 4 ----- @ T.O --------- Sat July 23
Week 5 ----- VS BC --------- Thurs July 28
Week 6 ----- VS Edm ------- Fri Aug 5
Week 7 ----- @ BC ---------- Sat Aug 13
Week 8 ----- BYE ----------------------------
Week 9 ----- VS Ham ------- Fri Aug 26
Week 10 --- LB Classic @ Sask ------- Sun Sept 4
Week 11 --- Banjo Bowl VS Sask ------ Sun Sept 11
Week 12 --- @ MTL ------ Sun Sept 18
Week 13 --- @ T.O ------- Sat sept 24
Week 14 ---- VS MTL ---- Fri Sept 30
Week 15 ---- @ Ham ---- Fri Oct 7
Week 16 --- @ Edm ------ Sat Oct 15
Week 17 --- VS MTL ----- Sat Oct 22
Week 18 --- VS T.O ----- Fri Oct 28
Week 19 --- @ CGY ----- Sat Nov 5

what do you all think? i like it better than last season, we play Hamilton only 3 times, T.O 4 times and MTL 3 times (2 at home, all in second half) CGY 2 times, Edm 2 times, BC 2 times in first half and Sask 2 times (duh) ..... I Like it

Away Game by day ----- Thurs (0), Friday (2), Sat (5), Sun (2) (GREAT WEEKEND TV, YEAH)
Home Games by day --- Thurs (2), Friday (5) Sat (1) Sun (1)

start times are all good as well

im very much looking forward to week 1 so we can shut them delushional ticat fans up once and for all. a friggin 9-9 season and a loss to the argos in the playoffs and these guys think they are one of the best teams in the league. i used to hate rider fans but atleast rider fans arent as delushional as ticat fans... atleast their team is actually good.

ill say this here too, these delushional ticat fans, that 9-9 record they had last year is gonna look pretty damn good come november. BELIEVE that. these guys are the 2008 bombers all over, full of overpriced second rate veterans and the same damn qb we had too. im truly sick of ticat fans... one year of 9-9 after 5 or 6 of 2-16 3-15 or whatever they were... does not make u one of the best teams in the league.

bombers get no respect from anyone, thats cool with me, we'll just beat the respect out of them by kicking their ass's this year on the field.

u beat an injured bomber team 3 x in 7 weeks... congrats.. but u lost to cory boyd and chad owens in the playoffs... these guys are gonna fall quicker than the fat person who sat down to fast. mark those words. 2008 bombers are alive and well except they are called the hamilton tiger cats.

obillabitch knows it too. hence why they going after all these second rate aging veterans…these guys are gonna believe the hype… just like our 2008 bombers did, and we all saw how that turned out didnt we. EPIC EPIC FAIL… ideally, just to bring them smug pieces of cat crap back to reality, they finish last in the league.

then in 2012 while we are sitting in a brand new state ofthe art stadium, these guys will be playing in moncton while their stadium is renovated.

2008 bombers all over again…the signs are all there. ticat fans will tell u differently but fact is… its eerie the similarities in these teams.

Too early 2 make predictions but i think our Schedule favours us in a few ways (as i see it today)

  1. We only play in MTL ONCE
  2. We Play The Argos 4 times (Argos are truly not that good)
  3. Not very many short weeks ------ shortest week is weeks 4-5 and 13-14 (5 days) ---- Most are 7 or 8 days between games with a couple of six days in between

guess if we play t dot 4 x, that means the cats play the als 4 x.

I like your enthusiasm Killer, but i learned my lesson last season when i stated we would beat the Cats 3 out of 4 times and even offered up a bet to any Ti-Cat fan that if it didn’t happen i would where Ti-Cat gear at ALL Bomber games for the remaining games (lucky no one took me up on that bet … lol)

I’ll make my prediciton when i know all the rosters this year …LOL

Yep Cats play the Als 4 times ---- Argos have a tough Schedule, Cats have it pretty tough as well, looks good for us as i see it, so far.

That’s a definite plus for The Bombers. :thup:

1ST half (up until after the Banjo Bowl)

We have our BYE
we play the Als - 0 times
Argos - 2 times
Cats - 2 times
Stamps - 1 time
Lions - 2 times
Esks - 1 time
Riders - 2 times

After the Banjo Bowl
We Play Als - 3 times
Argos - 2 times
Cats - 1 time
stamps - 1 time
Lions - 0 times
Esks - 1 time
Riders - 0 times


That is a bonus :lol:

…looks pretty decent…I’m just glad we don’t have the hammer scheduled 15 times in the first half like last season …That was one of the worst schedules ever… :lol:

I agree ----- But now that i look at it we need to play damn good in the first 10 games because the last eight games will be a tough stretch and HUGE when it comes to the East playoff race (5 away/3 home) 2 of those home games are against MTL, 6 of the last 8 games are against East teams

…You’re right bluengold…The last half is where we have to shine…IF the team can put together a decent first 9 ,we’ll be
tough going down the stretch AND i do mean tough…either ‘in tough’ or a tough opponent…depending on our start… :wink:

I like it. It's better than last year's schedule and better than the schedule we had in 2009 too. For those who don't remember 2009, 6 of our first 8 games were on the road - the Bombers had 1 home game in August that season.