CFL-Schedule and Season ticket deadlines?

I would like to raise a complaint to the Hamilton Tigercats to change the deposit deadline for season ticket reservations to coinside with the release of the 2007 CFL schedule as there are many shift workers in this town who miss lots of games and would like to know this info before plopping $$$ down on the table! I work 12hr shifts every second weekend and I think it would be a good idea and good customer policy to have all deadlines after the schedule is set so fans can make better informed ticket choices for the new season.

Thanks cats99

This is a very valid point.. i was surprised to be reminded that the deadline is tomorrow with no idea what dates im committing to.

I too would like to know the schedule, as I live in Oshawa, last years schedule wasn't bad with alot of weekend games but the year b-4 was terrible with week night games, trying to make that drive across Toronto to get there b-4 game time was a killer.
I don't want to have to deal with more stress :twisted: of trying to make to maney week-day games. and believe me the 407 wasn't any quicker, just added more to my costs.

I have to go along with Crash on this one. I would hope that the Tigercats would give us till at least "the day after" the announcement of the schedule!

That would be a win-win I think. Those that it doesn't work for would be happy and can make other arrangements and those who otherwise wouldn't consider "Season's" might be happy to step up because it will work for them! Just a thought!

"ticatt" makes a valid point as well. Some of us drive over 100 miles ONE WAY!

We understand your concerns with the schedule not being released before the renewal deadline. The schedule was set to be released well before the deposit deadline. Stay tuned for more details to follow...

This would be excellent without question.

I agree it would be very helpful to have the schedule ready sooner. It's not a big deal for me - I'm not a shift worker, and rarely have to worry about missing a game, but several of my friends are, and need to book some of their vacations to accomodate the schedule. Since they have already had to book their vacations, it is already too late.

Hmmm...what could this mean...perhaps a surprise announcement of a 9th team for the 2007 season? What else that is so secretive could delay the schedule? A computer crash? Not on Bob's watch, plus why would they hide it?


.....very valid point BUT come on!
I live right beside you in Whitby and keep renewing. As for the 407...stay of of it and save your money, you actually save 30 minutes anyway.

While it's true the costs keep rising YOU need to make the heart felt decision and not blame the team or league.....just get on board and enjoy the ride.


Any Details Yet???

i agree, bob say somthing

And just where did I blame the team or the league????????????????????????????????????? :?

I just don't want to have to deal with the agravation
of making the drive across Toronto in rush hour Particularly the Friday nights. As I'm driving all day long at work and I can drive all night long as well, I just don't want to drive to Hamilton for Friday night games. if you choose to thats your decsion, for I would rather not.
Its amazing how we have a freedom of choice in this country, so if the schedule doesn't suite my schedule then maybe I'll just buy tickets when I can go. I will renew my season tickets IF the schedule suites my needs. pretty simple, and no blame game. I guess this statement just proves who is the better fan then. :oops: I should have been a "mailman", nor rain nor sleet nor snow , or traffic on a Friday night will stop me from seeing my beloved Ticats play :lol:


I just wonder if someone could "accidently" post our schedule here like they did on the Riders site. :wink:

:lol: yea..that was funny...and did you see how fast it was gone too??? :wink: :lol:

This is from the schedule...

Riders @ Hamilton Sunday Oct.14th @ 1:00pm Eastern time

Ticats @ Riders Sunday Oct 21st @ 3:00pm Eastern time

Boy I hope they are wrong. If we have another year of home and away games back to back, I may well tune out. It completely eliminates coaching, compounds key injuuries (say a key player is hurt) and frankly made for the most boring season of CFL football in memory. The schedule needs to mix up the games so teams have a chance to gameplan and even adjust personel. Surely to heavens the brains behind this league can come up with something other than back to back games for an entire season.

Can I get my deposit back if the schedule does not mesh with my schedule ?

I really have to agree. The “home and home” scheduling really didn’t work last year the league needs to drop that idea FAST, and go back to the schedule where you see each team in the first half of the season then again in the second half of the season. This allows teams to evolve and possibly beat a team they lost to in the first part of the season.