CFL Schedule a Team Destroyer

Playing 3 football games in less than 2 weeks is torture. The CFL originally used the excuse of juggling 9 teams for the "rough spots."

Now there are 8 teams and they still have to play 3 games in less than 2 weeks. While the Esks' 3rd game effort was inspirational, they were running on fumes and will likely lose games down the road b/c of this quirk in scheduling. Check out this year's schedule.

Teams are required to play 18 regular season games in 19 weeks, with 1 measly bye-week at mid-season. That's ridiculous!

I propose the following:

  1. Attendance for preseason games is good. There's no reason why we shouldn't have 4 preseason & 16 regular season games like we used to have. We're not living in the lean Larry Smith years where we are forced to adopt drastic methods of generating revenues to save the league. That's what prompted the league to declare the last 2 preseason games regular season games in the first place.

  2. Instead of squeezing 18 regular season games into 19 weeks, Why not have teams play 16 regular season games in 20 weeks with each team getting a bye every 5 weeks? That would give schedulers a lot more breathing room and would likely result in healthier teams playing better football games (not that this year's games haven't been excellent. 3 times out of 4 games have proven to be worth watching, on average).

The regular season would start a week earlier, but so what? I'm interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this.

We don't even have to turn any regular season games into preseason again... we could just start the season a couple weeks earlier in June and thus be able to have an extra bye week for each team

NFL does it and it doesn't hurt the product. I think it's a moot issue right now. A few years back when there were regularly three games back and forth across the country in 10 days that was tough.

With three games in 11 days (as the Eskimos played) it should not be a problem. After all, Edmonton will only play 2 games in August while at the most every other team will only play 4 games in 5 weeks. That should be a pretty sufficient rest for them to be ready for the rest of the season.