I can understand trying to give teams a bye in a fairly even manner, but IMHO the schedule maker made a mistake by not going with 2 games pitting a west opponent vs an east opponent. I think more fans would be inclined to watch then, since both games would mean something to every cfl fan. As a fan of the Leos, this weekend's sched told me I could take the weekend off (although I love my CFL and watched both games anyway - even tonight's debacle by the Argo-nots). I'm sure some west fans did decide to skip the games, as will many eastern fans next week.

Personally, I dont believe any byes were needed at all. The cfl has had great momentum the first 7 weeks - they should have kept it going full bore before hockey and the nfl kick in. If they were worried about going up against the Olympics, then they guessed wrong as NOBODY wants to watch us have less medals than Thirdworldistan!

Just my humble opinion. Anyone else?

I think the lighter sched is good when the Olympics are on. We only get interruptions once every 4 years so why not accommodate them?

The league had the same bye format last year, so I don't think this has much to do with the Olympics.

I agree they should pit East vs West during the bye weeks to attract more fans across Canada, but it is not a big deal either way.

The schedule set up for byes is not broken, so don't try to fix it. Guys that are banged up get a chance to heal.

I also think that 2 East-West games this week and 2 East-West games next week would be better.

But that is kind of splitting hairs, I just like the fact that once Labour Day arrives, it is four games a week until playoffs.

This way is better because it doesn't give an advantage to a team in the same conference.


Besides, who wants to see two straight weeks of the Western teams crushing the Eastern teams?

Are the Olympics on? Oh yeah, thats why the Steroid Pushers at the gym on gone for two weeks. Holidays in Bejing. :lol: :lol: :lol:

1 Week would have been Better

This is the only format that makes sense in an 8-team league. You have to have staggered byes so there is CFL football during each week. It has to be intra-conference so the games become four-point games, and also because the West is usually stronger than the East so inter-conference matchups aren't as exciting.

It ain't broke, don't fix it. Those who object should wait until Ottawa is back in the league and we have to go back to the absurdly retarded weekly bye system that a 9-team league necessitates.