CFL Sallary Cap a JOKE..

The CFL Salary cap is a Joke
Signing Bonus don't count Toward the Cap..
Ken Welch Said this Tonight ..

This means you can sign People to Low Salaries .
and Give Huge Signing Bonus and Say Under..
what a Joke this is ..

Look at Who has Signed for big Deals So far:
Buck Perce Sign to 200,00 Deal.
Calhoon Resigned in Montreal.. + 21 Others

So much for an Even Playing Field.

Proof is where?

I don't think Ken Welch would lie about this ..

Eric Tilman confimed this on the FAN590 tonight. However, after this year, bonuses will be included under the cap so in a year or two, this 'loophole' will be gone. No GMs other than those for the Als and the Lions were at the Grey Cup game because they were too busy signing players before the cap kicks in tonight or tomorrow.

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