cfl salary idea

Here is myh idea for a new cfl pay system
first each player would be paid a percentage of the teams salary .
2nd the salary total for each team will be different
each team will start with 1,000,000 salary cap or SC next each win in the regular season would be worth 300,000 for each win
first round losers would get $200,000
second round $500,000
grey cup finalist $1,000,000
grey cup champion $1,600,000
playoff money is added to the regular season totals

here is where where i came up with the money
$1,000,000+9 homes games *$300,000+$500,000 each team puts in to the playoff pool =$4.2 million which is the current salary cup

based on last years results
toronto 4.8
winnepeg 5.15
montreal 3.6
hamilton 1.9

b.c 5.85
Saskatchewan 6.2
calgary 3.45
edmonton 2.65
I know it is simular to the xfl system

I hope no one ever implements this idea. Ever. Look at the discrepancy between the top and the bottom - 4.3. Could you imagine having to cut back by this much in one season if you plummet from champs to not making the playoffs, much as the EE did a couple seasons back?

I don't think you actauly mean a salary cap, ranul. If you did, you'd be suggseting that Hamilton could only pay 1.9M to its players? You're just talking about salary structure.

It would be impossible to implement now for the reason that jm02 suggests. You'd have to have the Ticats cut their salaries by about 2/3.

You mention the XFL, and if you were starting a new league, sure, you could lay that out there (like in this AAFL for example). But you could never implement it in an existing league.

I think the CFL would filed this in the big round metal basket along with the Action Point, Expansion to Alaska, 5 point safety.......... :roll: :roll: