CFL Salary Cap

Other than this article, I haven`t heard anything official about the CFL/TSN contract renewal, but we do know that the CFL was looking to double the $17 million. Should they get close to that, how much can we expect the $4.4 million salary cap to be increased?


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I guess that will depend on if its 20 million or 30 million... Then you have to add the extra cut for Ottawa. My WAG would be probably to 5 million by the end of the deal. Won't be anything spectacular.

I expect the new TV deal to be in the vicinity of $38 millions,meaning that each team will receive roughly $2 million more per season; since the Teams and Players will roughly split this increase, I expect the cap to be around $5.4 millions, most probably in 2017. The biggest increase should be in 2014,+ $500,000 cap increase + $200,000 in 2015 and +$150,000 in each of the next 2 seasons.