CFL salaries

I am not sure what you are suggesting. However the employer is the owner of a company and since when is the employee(tail) wagging the dog?
Regardless, with the exception of our CFL the other leagues are completely out of whack. Maybe with this recession, although I am not holding out hope, regression and a much needed adjustment will occur.
You also forget how these million dollar salaries are passed down to the fan so much so that the price of a game ticket is now above what the average fan can afford.
Again what makes our league now even more popular. For a typical family of four that can afford to go to a game and it is cheaper then an NHL game, such as a Leaf overpaid single ticket. You can have it.

The CFL has everything working against it. The TV market is 1000x more powerful south of the border, so the sponsorship deals offered the NFL overshadow ours. Coupled with the weekly schedule, compared to other sports that play a daily game. Add to that a 50-man roster compared to sports with less than half of that. Then, factor in the amount of contact involved, and physical punishment. It's also the only major sport that has competition at the professional level.

The other leagues aren't completely out of whack. Their revenue is greater because of the larger schedule, and there are far less hands in the cookie jar. It's more a function of the sport itself, than it is of the league.

The NFL is the league that's the most affected by a recession, as the players and agents won't back off and the companies providing the sponsorship dollars will.

In a large company, at least in my opinion, it is very rare that a single person (unless they are very highly paid) makes a company successful. In sports it can take one marketable player.

I have not forgot that. You can't blame the teams and leagues for doing that. They have a right to make money. It is on us as consumers to decide if it is worth it to us.

Seriously, did they sign him to an 8 year contract? Wow... :?

Not in a Team Sport!

I think what Jman is trying to say is in sports it can some times take just one player to put a team on the map. Take the Cleveland Cavaliers. How many people cared about that Franchise before LeBron James showed up? LeBron alone is making that team a boat load of money.

I know what he is trying to say.
I just dont agree that athletes are owed anything because "they put butts in the seats"

Its the owner who is taking all the risk, not the players.
Play well, play badly, they are going to get payed for the balance of thier contracts.

If the owner loses money....The player gets the same amount.
If they have a good year they demand more, a bad year and they dont demand less.

Well, Jman can certainly correct me if I'm wrong... but I don't think he's saying the athlete's are owed anything because they make teams lots of money. I think what he's saying is people complain about the outrageous salaries athletes make, but no one ever says anything about the outrageous money these athletes make for the teams or the corporations that sponsor them.

If we're going to complain about the millions LeBron gets for playing basketball, then shouldn't we complain about the corporations that are making millions off of his image? They're doing even less than LeBron.

Im not talking about winning games man.

If they have a bad year many times they get cut...

pretty much

Athletes get paid in accordance to what fans are willing to shell out to view their performance. Same goes for actors, singers, comedians, etc. Nobody has the right to pass judgement on how much somebody can, or is making. If anything athletes in the CFL should be paid more for all the years of hard work, discipline and sacrifice that they went through just to get on a professional playing field, not to mention what they put their bodies through

K i’m extremely biased on what i’m about to post so bare with me please.

Someone posted earlier that athletes are grossly overpaid and that people like doctors and surgeons and teachers should get the money. I 100 percent agree.

I work as a paramedic in the crime capital of canada (saskatoon) and just last night (in one shift) i got assualted and threatened to be killed, was surrounded by 8 known violent gang members in the top floor of there house treating their friend who had been assualted (found out later that our pt after being treated was arrested for previous warrants) and was told i wasn’t allowed to look around or access any other part of the house except the room i was in and when we left we they slammed the door and you could here 3 deadbolts locking. The pt right after that i picked up was a young women who had been on a 2 day drinking binge and was vomitting up blood…oh and she was hep c and hiv positive. I worked 14 hours without a break and never sat down or stopped moving the entire time. I would like to say this was a crazy out of the ordinary day but i can’t this is what i and everyone see who works in EMS, Police and Fire deal with every day. So i ask of you how much money did i make last year to deal with all this…35k gross. Please do take this as a cry for sympathy or anything like that because no one in EMS or Police or Fire does it for the money.

I’ve also picked up a female police officer who was beaten to the point where she was almost uncouscious…what was she arresting the man for? public intox…he was going to the drunk tank and he beat her for it. She makes 40k a year gross.

And don’t get me started on the crazy buggers who go running into burning buildings and collapsing towers because i work with them on a daily basis and they will always have my respect.

I was at a house fire last night as well (thankfully only smoke inhilation injuries) and i was standing there with two fire guys a fire captain me my partner and two police sergents and we just shoot the shit and the Captain said this is what Emergency services is all about this right here and i couldn’t agree more i see a man or women in a fire or police uniform i know that my “sister or brother” has my back and i have theirs.

Sorry i went a little off topic there but seeing people live lavish lifestyles and have all their dreams come true because they are good with a stick or ball just bothers me when we have Nurses, Teachers, Cops, Paramedics and Fireman all out there risking god knows what and for 4 dollars an hour more than what a person working at Quizno’s makes. I will keep on doing what i’m doing because i absolutely love it and the feeling of gratification you have when your done work is undescribable.

I dont' get it... what makes it a classy move?? Not trying to be a smart-ass or anything, just wondering. I'm not saying it's unclassy. To me, it is what it is.

Yeah, I wouldn't say it's a classy-unclassy issue... :lol: