CFL salaries

I have been on this site for about a year now
Enjoy chatting with fellow football fans across Canada
This may be the shortest thread but have witnessed fellow chatters complaining about salaries
So I want to know
Our game is special and I look forward to each year but why arent salaries made public????
The Nhl,NBA,NFL are very open with salaries and even cap space teams have in NHL

Is the CFL embarressed what their players make?
I know some athletes have off season jobs.
Every fan respects their team and heck you would think they were in the huddle (this is a good thing)
Don't we deserve to know?
We could debate how much that gm paid for that receiver
DId he pay too much? Heck of a steal?

Even in the nhl, I'm on my fav team site there is a thread of if u were gm
Its quite interesting and with salaries known you can do this.

Yes i know this isnt the NHL but we continue to brag about our game here
So I feel its time the league stepped up
this league isnt bush league its the
Canadian Fun League :rockin:


Yes, the league is probably a little embarrased about the salary levels for most players $50k to $80k. Many fans consider the CFL "Big League" and would be surprised there is such a wage disparity between the league salaries, NFL $1M, NHL $2M, CFL $80k.

And No, you don't deserve to know. Canadians we're too polite to ask for that information....

In my line of work, my salary is a matter of public record, because it is paid by the taxpayers. Until the salaries of the athletes are funded by automatic deductions to my paycheque, I see no need to make their earnings public.

I agree with jm.....My salary is my buisness, their salary is their buisness

:lol: Nice on, red.

I don't see why anyone would be embarrassed. Making $80,000 a year is decent. Personally, I think most athletes in other sports make too much money... I mean, $60 mil for McFadden (with $26 mil guaranteed). $20 mil for Jermaine O'Neal. Please...

I don't think salaries need to be disclosed. Especially considering these athletes make a commoner's salary.

That being said, I do think there's an element of 'image' the CFL is attempting to preserve in not revealing these salaries. The CFL does a decent job in having it not seen as a 'minor' league but rather Canada's summer/fall sports league. As it stands, the CFL shares the spotlight in headlines on Canada's premier sports broadcaster. If these salaries were constantly in headlines along side the multi-million salaries of the other sports leagues, I think it'd hurt the profile of the league.

The one thing about salaries, even though most of us I assume agree how the CFL players are grossly underpaid, conversely all of the players in the other league are grossly overpaid.
Frankly, that’s why the CFL is as popular not only because the game is the most exciting sport out there, we can all relate to the players because of similar income and they are hard working and in most cases approachable nice guys. Not like the other spoiled brats and out of touch with reality.

But that also depends on where you live..

80K is a much better salary in the Maritimes than it is in Toronto or Vancouver

The Argos made the classy move of fully disclosing the financial details of the Rob Murphy signing. Classy move. Nothing to hide. Other CFL teams should do the same.

I agree that is a stupid amount of money, but at the same time, you need to look at the amount of money these guys make for their team and their league.

I mean, lets face it, Jermaine O'Neal was great until he got injured. At the time not too many people could criticize the contract.

LeBron James is worth EVERY penny he makes off of basketball and endorsements, because he makes millions of dollars for the NBA, Nike, Sprite and whoever else. Same with Tiger Woods.

Totally disagree with you. Sport is not life, it is not work, it is a kids game and for the fortunate few, these jerks are overpaid, coddled, put on a pedestal and made to believe they are above the rest of us.
The ones who deserve their salaries are the scientists, doctors and surgeons that save lives.
The maximum salary for any "athlete" should be the CFL scale, make it a maximum $100,000 period.

Gotta disagree there. O'Neal hasn't come close to playing a full season since 03-04. No way in hell he deserves $20 mil.

Every other league publishes player salaries.. you can go online and look them all up.. so why doesn't this league do the same thing? No, we don't need to know, but just about every other public figure has their salary disclosed.. famous or not. I really don't mind disclosing what I make(and I have disclosed that on here), I don't why CFL player salaries have to be "top secret".

a couple/few years back i was blasted on the ticats ca for suggesting the CFL give incentive based contracts, now apparently lumsden has signed just such a contract. imho this type of contract rewards the player for what he does not for what he did, or potentialy could do. and it serves the CFL better because when teams are not doing well attendance drops. IE- play well, draw fans make more!$$!

whats starting to tick me off is how teams are giving out 100K signing bonuses and paying 65K salaries.

What the hell is the point of the salary cap then? Either have one and enforce it or don’t. I don’t really care, but this is just making a mockery of the whole thing if its this easy to get around the cap.

You are 1000% correct................................. if signing bonuses didn't count against the cap. But they do.

The advantage is to the player, in that if he is cut, they don't take back money paid as bonuses - so it's only form of guaranteed money a player has.

If you're splitting hairs, a team may be able to front end load a deal to make use of extra cap room in a year as opposed to later years, but every dollar paid as a bonus is applied to the cap in the year it was paid.

So, for those keeping score at home, you're actually 1000% wrong.

So you think it is ok for athletes to make $100,000 when they are making millions upon millions for other people? I do not understand that logic at all.

When was the deal signed? I am all but positive it was signed before then.

And how many millions are the owners of the company that you work for making?