CFL’s new territorial exemption rules for the upcoming draft

Does anybody know if the “territorial picks” for the Argos and Als are tradable before selections are made ? So if the Cats could make a deal with the Als, would the Cats then get to pick a player from Hamilton’s own territory ?

So many questions but I’m sure Randy has all the answers on the back of his dinner napkin.

Territorial picks may be a great idea but the timing certainly stinks .

Pat Lynch ( the abstruse old guy)

Written in crayon no doubt and crumbled up in his pants pocket .

Ambrosie will spin it and find a way to gloss it all over even if there will be controversy with the territorial boundaries. Especially if it helps the Argos or Als.

Confucious says, "Man with napkin in pocket wipes clean all baggage". ;D

For Ontario, maybe they should’ve just had the 3 teams share the territory.

Its not like its really that far distance wise between the teams.

I’m also in KW. As soon as I saw we’re in Toronto territory, my skin started to itch. I’m going to have a shower.

All the showers in the world won't wash away THAT stench... lol

Gotta figure that Hamilton and Toronto sat down and divided the properties between them.

According to the CFL site today, territorial picks cannot be traded . I wonder if the Cats or the Ottawas would consider reaching for a kid early in the draftif he's from Toronto or Montreal ? You'd be messing with a possible quality "territorial pick" . In pool , sometimes it's not what you make but what you leave.

I'm probably just babbling on because it's been a long off season. :o Let's get to the draft !

Pat Lynch (the old drooler)

Great idea but I can’t see anyone doing this unless it benefits the team. If it happens, then putting it to Toronto and Montreal is a bonus!!

Hergy Mayala WR 6’1" 208 UConn hometown Montreal. He started in 2017 and 2018 with 83 receptions and 12 touchdowns.
Some mock drafts have him going to the Cats in the first round.

Alex Fontana OL 6’1" 298 Kansas hometown Toronto He has played most OLine spots but is probably a guard or centre. He benched 29 and ran a 5.2 forty.
Mock drafts have him going in the first round.

Taking either of these two players with our first pick wouldn’t be a reach and would poke the Argos and the Als in the eye at the same time.

We have the 10th and 11th overall picks. Vincent Desjardin DL Laval is projected as a second rounder from Quebec as is Phillipe Dion LB Western who hails from LaBelle Province.

This exercise could become too Machiavellian very quickly, I realize, but it’s the off-season and the golf courses haven’t opened yet. :wink:

Here’s hoping the Cats have some great picks tonight and if we can stick it to the Argos and the Als, so much the better.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Well Fontana went to Ottawa and Mayala went to the Stamps in the first round. The Argos took Boateng DB Fresno St,in the territorial pick and the Als took Thomassin OL Laval. I’m not sure if my theory was used but Naylor did mention it during the TSN coverage. * My legal people will be in touch. :wink:

Pat Lynch (well that was a long night for an old guy)