CFL’s new territorial exemption rules for the upcoming draft

:oThis will throw off by Mock Draft. :-\

So two weeks before the draft they decide to change the rules? What a joke.

Pretty much. Making up the rules as they go along it seems. A joke indeed

What’s next an announcement a week before Grey Cup that the league is going to 5 downs and forward passes have been banned? Just waiting for the announcement that the league has granted an expansion franchise to Jackson Mississippi

C’mon CFL, this is the 80’s CFL that we left behind long ago.

What's the big deal? Third-round draft picks and besides how is this different than a couple of teams acquiring picks through trades. This is another big nothing burger from the alarmists at 3down.

Two weeks seems like plenty of advance time for teams to adjust their draft strategies to potentially two fewer players available after the first two rounds.

I wonder, though, why just the bottom two teams were chosen for this rather than all non-playoff teams.

Every team should get a pick or two and then resume the draft order for the rest of the draft. I like where they placed it in the draft after the end of the second round. If this is a franchise type player it does not devalue their ability to negotiate a contract as they still get to compete to be selected at the top of the board. No one gets harmed.

It depends on the territories

If it is done by Province

MTL, has a well established pipeline of USports University players in Quebec to chose from,
as does OTT, TOR and HAM

As far as I know the Western teams and Halifax have much less University programs to chose from

If it is done by Birth Certificate,
Who knows??

I assume it will be done the same way Junior players are allocated to teams by their defined territory. Not sure though if that is based on birth or domicile.

And while it will give Kavis an additional draft choice to trade away, this is something that should be given to all teams.

Naw it’s fine the way it is right now. They can always tweak it later if they need to.

Gee and what a coincidence that is eh that those two teams just happen to be Toronto and Montreal ?

Welcome to CFL Welfare 2.0 courtesy of Mr. Out-to lunch aka Randy Ambrosie .

As time goes on I’m getting more and more convinced that this clown that we call the Commissioner of this league with his screwed up priorities and head scratching agendas is most definitely not the right man for the job .

Why the big fuss? The two teams with the worst record in 2018 will select territorial picks-1 each- after round 2. That’s all. Next year it could be the same teams or two other teams. These picks could be players that usually could have gone in round 3,4, 5 and on. The territorial picks included in the top 20 players,as per latest CFL ranking,could be gone when Toronto and Montreal pick numbers 18 and 19. In the top 20 players, WR Kaion Julien Grant-9-and OL Alex Fontana-10- are in Toronto territory. For Montreal,these players are: DL Mathieu Betts-1-,WR Justin McInnis-3-,WR Hergy Mayala-5-,OL Samuel Thomassin-12-,OL Maurice Simba-13- and WR Alexandre Savard-20-. One of these Montreal territorial player could be pick number 19.

As the League wrote “a territorial pick is a player born within its territorial limit”. Where the player is born and not University he’s attending will dictate if he is a territorial pick or not.


Kind of puzzling move out of the blue to me. On the surface maybe a way to give Montreal another pick to make up for their ill fated trade with Hamilton for Manziel. But Randy had to include the Argos as they had a worse record.
Oh well, it would be a good time for Jim Popp to use his pick for one of the NFL signees that may show up in two or three years.
I’m going to have to brush up on Tranna’s territorial area again.

Not to worry , Randy has his crayons out and his map of Ontario and is hard at it drawing it up as we speak . ???

;D Oakville to the Argos and Burlington to the Ticats sounds about right going that direction.

Still not quite sure what the objective is here. If it’s to get more regional players onto teams, then why stop at two teams? Why not have all nine teams selecting regional players at some point? They wouldn’t all have to be in a row, maybe two teams before each round.

Also, can teams trade these regional picks?

The territorial limits assigned to the member Clubs in Canada by the League as of September 9, 2002 are as follows:
(a) Montreal – The Province of Quebec with the exception of that portion situated within 120 kilometers of the Peace Tower in Ottawa. September 18, 2002 4.04 {E5105298.DOC;1}

(b) Ottawa – The Provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island; that portion of the Province of Quebec situated within 120 kilometers of the Peace Tower; the City of Ottawa; the District Municipality of Muskoka; the Districts of Manitoulin and Parry Sound; the Town of Newcastle and the Townships of Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge in the Regional Municipality of Durham; the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, Leeds and Grenville, Lennox and Addington, and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry; the Counties of Frontenac, Haliburton, Hastings, Lanark, Northumberland, Peterborough, Prince Edward, Renfrew and Victoria, all in the Province of Ontario.

(c) Toronto – The City of Toronto; the Regional Municipalities of Peel, Waterloo and York; the Towns of Oakville and Halton Hills in the Regional Municipality of Halton; the City of Oshawa and the Towns of Ajax, Pickering and Whitby in the Regional Municipality of Durham; the Counties of Bruce, Dufferin, Grey, Huron, Lambton, Perth, Simcoe and Wellington, all in the Province of Ontario.

(d) Hamilton – The Cities of Hamilton and Greater Sudbury; the Districts of Algoma, Cochrane, Nipissing, Sudbury, and Timiskaming; the Regional Municipalities of Haldiman-Norfolk and Niagara; the City of Burlington and the Town of Milton in the Regional Municipality of Halton; the Counties of Brant, Elgin, Essex, Kent, Middlesex and Oxford, all in the Province of Ontario.

(e) Winnipeg – The Province of Manitoba.

(f) Saskatchewan – The Province of Saskatchewan.

(g) Calgary – The southern portion of the Province of Alberta, being that area south of the 52nd parallel latitude.

(h) Edmonton – The northern portion of the Province of Alberta, being that area north of the 52nd parallel latitude.

(i) B.C. - The Province of British Columbia.

(j) The North West Territories and the territories of Yukon and Nunavut; the Districts of Kenora, Rainy River and Thunder Bay in the Province of Ontario are open to all Member Clubs of the Western Division.

You are easily triggered on this Easter weekend.

No doubt it is a form of welfare, but the decision was made by a committee of team presidents and GMs--not the commish--at least according to The Globe and Mail.

I think it would make more sense to award such an exemption to all three teams that did not make the playoffs, but maybe they don't want to bump the other six teams down that one spot further.

I think this move is also a reaction to some of the negative backlash from the idea of adding global players, so the league gets to show it cares about locals while simultaneously boosting the weak Toronto and Montreal markets.

Indeed, it's almost as if this committee has been paying attention to this site . . . as discussed in the "Als on the verge" thread:

Bush league move. Straight up.

There are better ways to help out a club that is struggling. Can you imagine the backlash if this happened in the NHL or essentially any other league? This looks super amateur hour

hey…don’t get me wrong…I get the sentiment behind it. It is cool that they want to try things to help out struggling clubs…but this is a horrible move that no other league would do.