CFL’s independent investigation corroborated claims against Toronto Argos’ Chad Kelly, including sexual harassment: report

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This has been corroborated by the CFL… As a Argo Fan I hope that the CFL will deal with it in a honorable way… Pro Athletes should expect to be held to a higher caliber and act with Honor and Distinction… I’m disappointed that the Toronto Argos and in particular General Manager Michael Clemons has not kept Chad Kelly in a lower key… Yes Let him practice but not to show up to games till everything has been cleared… A person in Canada is to be considered innocent till proven guilty… And seeing as the CFL has corroborated the issue doesn’t look good… But only when it has gone to court and proven one way or the other can anything really be put to rest…

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I get tired of having to repeat this. . .but “innocent until proven guilty” is completely irrelevant.

It ONLY applies in criminal cases; and this is not a criminal case, Kelly has not been charged by the police with any crime.

What we have is a civil lawsuit by the former coach as plaintiff (no crown attorney involved), with Kelly and the Argonauts as defendants (and not as the ‘accused’).


He is guilty. The 87 page report stated as much. The lawsuits are for compensation for what he did. He has not been criminally charged.
IMO (my daughter went through a similar harassment situation) he should be gone…period. If this had happened in a traditional work environment, he’d be gone especially considering the independent created report.
You need to stop defending aholes like him.


Yes, you’ve got it!

No, he isn’t. . . because, as you say,

Why is this so difficult for people???

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Court of public opinion
That is the court nobody has control of


I didn’t hear the full news of the accounts… I apologize… According to the summary, investigators concluded Kelly did make persistent advances on the former coach, which constitute “sexual harassment as defined by the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.”

Among the evidence supporting the finding of sexual harassment are copies of text messages from Kelly to the former coach in September of 2023, including one in which Kelly invites her to his hotel room in Hamilton, one in which Kelly asks her over to his place, and another in which she tells another Argos employee of the persistent invitations from Kelly.

The executive summary also supports two other allegations – that Kelly acted aggressively towards the former coach when confronted in the team breakfast room on the morning of Nov. 6, 2023, and that later that same day Kelly yelled derogatory words at the former coach.

Three other allegations investigated and documented in the report – that Kelly made public accusations about the former coach being involved with another Argonauts player, that Kelly threatened her, and that the quarterback was involved in the team’s decision not to renew her contract – could not be corroborated by investigators.

The CFL announced Tuesday that Kelly was suspended for a minimum of nine games and two pre-season games for violating the league’s policy on gender-based violence and will be required to undergo counselling and an assessment before a return to the field could be granted. The league also reserves the right to extend his suspension.

Kelly, who attended Argos rookie camp on Thursday in Guelph, Ont., has not indicated whether he will appeal the suspension.

The Female coach deserves better than what happened… Question to the Argos… Does one really want to win at all costs or does the organization wish to make an honorable statement… WE WILL NOT TOLORATED ANY SUCH BEHAVIOUR. Again I’m disappointed in Michael Clemons… Chad Kelly should be let go and the Female Coach re-instated…


I’m with you 100% on that.


I’ve fired people like Kelly when allegations have proven out as in this case. Any indication of sexual harassment that is reported has to be taken seriously by management and dealt with immediately. And sexual harassment in a workplace is a serious offence regardless .There is no grey area these days.


Because it’s too general of a thread? 100 topics being discussed under 1 thread, ridiculous.

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Theres also 600 or so posts here in a very specific thread.


What we really have here is Canada’s flagship CFL team trying to avoid a disaster. The CFL is making every effort hoping this will go quietly away. I wonder what the Players Union take is on this?

And wait to the Human Rights commission get a crack at it.

And the court of public opinion

Can you believe this jerk!


I used to have a lot of respect for Barker but after this, he has dropped to the bottom of the barrel in my opinion. He is coming across like the old boys club and the way women were looked at by them.


Me as well. I’ve lost whatever respect I once had for Pinball and for Barker. To say things like “things happen between two people” and to draw a comparison about complaining about the schedule, is just so patronizingly dismissive of sexual harassment. They are totally tone deaf.