CFL rushing title?

Who will win the CFL rushing title??

I say it will be Kenton Kieth, but Avery and Roberts will be close.

Antonio Warren is my surprise pick. If he plays most of the games for the Lions this year, he should have a shot at winning the title.

Kenton Keith will run away with it (man I am funny)
I don’t really see anyteam having a very weak running back, except for Montreal and its unproven 18 backs. But I am sure they will find one out of that group.

Davis will be second.

If Keith stays healthy he will be guaranteed number 1

Keith may have the most yards for running backs, but Warren will be close and more efficient (less fumbles, etc). I like Antonio Warren. He is very underrated and was a big reason the Lions made the Grey Cup last year.

Warren won’t be the rushing leader because he’s in a pass-oriented team, and Printers likes to call its own number when it comes to running. So as good as Warren can be, he won’t finish any better than 4th among runners.

Improvement on the O-LINE in the PEG. gives it to Blink; sorry guys. Roberts is in his prime and with a new contact tucked under his arm…lookout… He’s gonna give the opposing defenses’ fits… Looks like Charles will have a banner year and so Go the Big Blue. :arrow:

The rushing title will come down to two players Charles Roberts and Kenton Keith. I think Roberts will end up winning the rushing title. A lot of people are forgetting about Troy Davis which i think will finish third. In Warren case, BC is a pass happy team which will hurt his numbers. Plus Printers likes to run a lot as well.


I’m not saying Warren will win the rushing title, I am just saying his YPC will be high and his fumble count will be low. I am pretty certain he will break the 1000 yard mark though.

Roarlionsroar is correct. Warren did have a high ypc last year with 5.2, third to Keith and Holmes, at 6.1 & 6.3 respectively. What helps Warren is B.C. has a lot of threats on offence, Printers or DIckenson, Simon, & Clermont. So sometimes Warren is an afterthought in team’s minds.

I do believe Keith will win it though this year. It’ll be his first full season starting and he has a great O-line in front of him with two offensive lineman of the year.

Roberts & Davis will contend though.

Warren was fourth, Reynolds was third with 5.5

I was going with backs with 100 carries or more, but yes you are right redandwhite.

yeah, I know with only 90 carries some will contend he doesn’t belong, that with more carries the average could drop. However, that logic could be reversible in that with more carries, and a more balanced offensive approach Reynolds average could also go up. Time will tell…

i think avery will get it if he gets back to his old ability

I think Warren is the best RB in th eleague but that doesn’t ncessarily mean he would be the rushing leader. I would expect Charles Roberts or Troy Davis to lead as they are both the best players, by far on either offences.

Speaking of RBs, I don’t know anything about Reggie White in Edmonton, but a lot of Eskimos fans are really high on him. What type of running back is he?

hes kinda all around, good receiver out of the back field, good power, nice speed. not exceptional at any of them, but good at all

I think Warren will have won the rushing title this year if the Lions played the Argos all 18 games haha. All i know is that Warren ran ALL OVER the Argos last year. Too bad they put us in our place in Grey Cup 2004. Anyone know where Calvin Anderson is these days? How about Cory Philpot haha.

January 12, 2005

The South Fraser Rams are pleased to announce that former CFL Star Cory Philpot has agreed to join the coaching staff of the Surrey based Canadian Junior Football League Club.

Just in case you weren’t joking RLR…

Eighteen unproven backs in Montreal? What about a certain guy called Michael Jenkins?

If he sees the ball often this year, don’t count Jenkins out.

We do have eighteen unproven backs. Jenkins once proved he was good, but that was before an injury set him aside of the game. Now, he has to prove himself again, because some players are no longer the same after being injured for too long.