here are the leading rushers so far this season and look at jesse lumsdens stats!

 player       team     att.   yards      average

#1. Roberts,C Winnipeg 67 342 5
#2. Smith,J B.C 61 321 5
#3. Lumsden,J Hamilton 37 298 8
#4 Joseph,K Saskatchewan 17 171 10
#5 Reynolds,J Calgary 30 169 6
#6 Ebell,T Edmonton 24 153 6
#7 Cates,W Saskatchewan 24 145 6
#8 Burris,H Calgary 15 125 8
#9 Imoh,M Montreal 23 92 4

Jesse lumsden is 44 yards out of 1st and has had 30 less attempts then charles roberts!

and he is averaging 8 yards a carry so with those 30 carries he would likely get 240 yards which would giv him 538 yards from 67 carries!

if i was a coach in any league and my runningback is averaging 8 yards a carry i would be running him 25-30 times a game!

and since we dont seem to be scoring many points passing on most of our plays maybe we should try handing the ball off to a great running back

just an opinion......wat does every1 else think?

What I love is that even though he is only 3rd in yardage he only has about half the carries as the 2 ahead of him. Amazing!

I think I like what you posted, however, your math is a little off.

Roberts has 67 attempts and Lumsden has 37. That is a difference of 30 not 20. 30 attempts at an average of 8 yards a carry is 240 yards which would give him 538 yards in 67 carries.


thanx for mentioning that

i’ll fix it

Averaged over an 18 game season, he is on pace for 1,341 yards this year. If he can keep running at the same rate, can anyone say Most Outstanding Canadian, or, even Most Outstanding Player? For the second award, in addition to those yards, he would have to start scoring some TD's.

I think we should increase his carries per game but only marginally. We can't have him hurt or have our offence become 1 dimensional. As teams begin to key-in on him hopefully this will in turn produce an added handful of deep pass, big-play opportunities for points.

He is the class of his team, if not the league right now. I wonder if it's his knowledge of the entire offense (which I doubt) or just that the Cats' staff can't believe that they finally have a superstar player and they don't want to test him too quickly.
Man, does he have some speed for a Canadian; I just love to watch him!

Funny you dont hear any of his detractors from off season coming forward rigth now do you ??