CFL rumor mill!

Crazy rumour circulating around CFL circles: Matt Dunigan is being considered for the offensive co-ordinator job in Ottawa under John Jenkins. Two years ago, Dunigan fired Jenkins as his offensive co-ordinator in Calgary because he refused to incorporate a running game into the Stampeders' scheme


The natural-looking FieldTurf at Qwest Field that played host to yesterday's Seahawks game is the same surface that will be installed at McMahon Stadium this spring

........YEE HAW............and...........YAA HOO.........

2 I would say is fact.

#1 Wouldn't surprise me if it happened...Considering where it would take place.

......actually, as strange as #1 sounds, Matt and John got along pretty decently, when mgmt needed to can someone's a$$ for the fiasco that was the '04 Stampeders JJ was the first in line......I could see this happening......

This is coming from the press Eric Francis the talking no don't go there!

Red where did you hear the one about Matt. Although anything is possible, I remember Matt being asked about his year in Calgary and the bottom line is laying much of the offensive blame on JJ. And now to turn this around 180 and actually work for the man?

Reporter from the Calgary Sun have not seen it myself but it was posted at the gostampsgo site

Must have been a slow sports/news day.

Actually Matt lives here in Calgary so yes must have lunch with Matt I presume!

Any actual quotes from Matt, or Marty York style guesses.

I guess you might see this article in the calgary sun go to


good for Calgary, but why would JJ want Matt??? don't make no sense. Now if only they can get some real good truf in the Big O like they had in 2004.

.....Feb. 15 TH. ...IS FA st approaching......should be some hot rumours shortly....we need some...I hate off seasons... :roll:

KK they are getting turf go to the stampeder threads for the info. Why would the Stamps be happy?

I still like that rumour that keeps raising its ugly head that Winnipeg And Saskatchewan will swap Q.B.'s Greene to Winnipeg and Glenn to Saskatchewan.


Speaking of Rumours, How about Ricky Ray having another go at the NFL. Rumour has it the Giants are going to give him a go. That would leave Danny McManus as the starting QB.

2007 Superbowl will have Casey Printers and The Kansas City Chiefs Vs Ricky Ray and the New York Giants....

Ricky Ray will stay with Edmonton, he tried the NFL, didn't like it and now he is back.

Good luck to Casey as an NFL QB who gets traded and leads each team to victory in some form.

Shhhh Kanga...I'm trolling! (Since this post is rumour mill) Nobody's been biting....too busy on the political posts.