CFL Rules Test- Take it if you Dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With all the excitement about controversial calls this season here is a quick quiz on CFL rules. Good Luck! :rockin:

  1. What is the ROUGE a.) new name for Montreal roller-derby team b.) something that should be removed immediately from your collar after spending Friday night at the bar c.) new political party in Manitoba d.) single point given for kicking the pigskin into the endzone.

  2. Define ILLEGAL PROCEDURE a.) new gas tax being implemented in some provinces b.) when wife wants to watch re-runs of desparate housewives rather than CFL football. c.) early movement by the offence prior to snap of the football. d.) those that propose cut-off liquor sales after the 1st quarter.

  3. Tandem-bucking a.) new country group out of Fort McLeod Alberta b.) erotic fantasy football c.) forward pushing of an offensive player who has the football by another offensive player d.) new taxation scheme by the Feds.

  4. Legal catch a.) what you say to the Fish and wildlife officer when he approaches your boat in the lake b.) control of the ball , no juggling, one foot in bounds, and pre-game $20. to each of the review judges!

  5. Too many men on the field a.) new CBC sit-com as a summer replacement for little mosque on the prairie.
    b.) latest charge against Pamela Anderson by current husband c.) more than 12 players on the field put there by dumb special team's coaches who was trying to kick a touchdown.

  6. Clipping a.) what the government does to your pay-cheque 2.) what fans do in the parking lot to create a larger parking spot. 3.) blocking from the rear.

  7. Safety a.) Getting home early saturday morning from the bar without waking up your wife!!
    b.) either defensive position at center field of the defensive back-field or two points given up by a team who concedes them by kneeling in the end zone or attempting to kick the ball through the back of the end zone which Paul McCallum does successfully 2 times out of ten.

  8. Illegal contact a.) a man touching a man in Edmonton b.) The NFL trying to put Bills exhibition games and or league games into Toronto. c.) late hits by players on the field or holding up offensive players by defensive players. d.) Trying to contact Big Dave by e-mail trying to change your CFL pick after your team is down by 10 points at the half!!!

Riders Rule!
CFL does too! :stuck_out_tongue:

all of the above

I've discovered Turkeybends real name! 8) 8)

Tom Higgins Director of Officiating!

Another vintage Turkey thread! :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the laugh Turkey! :lol: :lol:

#2 was the best one! :BIGLOL: