CFL Rules Question

It's been a long time since I've seen a CFL game. Could someone remind me of a couple of rules?

  1. After a made Field Goal, does the other team automatically get it on the 35? Or does the team that made the FG have an option to kick it off? (with Thigpen, I can see where they would'nt want to give him a chance at a run back)

  2. Does the clock stop after every down until the ball is set? Or until it is snapped? It felt like it took a long time for the clock to run out.

Thanks for any explanation! I used to know all these things, but have forgotten.

  1. The team can choose to either have the ball at the 35 or choose to have the team who just kicked the FG, kick-off
    2.Barring an imcomplete pass or a player going out of bounds, CFL runs stop clock in the final 3 minutes, so the clock starts when the ball is set and refs whistle the play in

Thank you! I learned all that when we had a team here in the USA (Pirates), but have lossed touch of some of the rules. Thanks for the clarification!