CFL rule changes

I think it's time the CFL started thinking aobut changing some rules to make it more viewer friendly. The field goal posts are always in the way of viewing the most important part of the field. And why do we have 20 yard endzones, that's too much room.
I'm tired of seeing stadiums that can't fit our field demensions too. ie. edmonton

20 yard endzone = good (I thought it was supposed to be 25?)

Goalpost at the front of the endzone = bad (move em to the back I been saying)

alleycat, take a history lesson why don't you. But suggestions are always welcome on this site, especially from kitties.


what are you talking about? History?
People want to be able to see the play.

What are you, blind or something? I'm 50 years plus and am able to see the field no problem from behind the end zone and anywhere else in the friggin stadium.
Go see an eye doctor and get those things fixed, will you!


what people?

why do you need to see when you can hear the stadium or tv or radio announcer tell you about it, or you can come here for the worlds best play by play (choke :twisted: ).

Blind football rules man :lol:

I guess that's why most CFL teams have to beg and scratch to get 25-30 thousand fans each game. The nfl allows the fans to be closer to the unobstructed field.

why do we have fields that don't fit into our stadiums. It makes us look like a bush leaque.

I also think the NHL should indent the nets in the boards so fans don't have to look around them when players go behind the net.

I've never found it to be a problem looking around CFL goal posts. And the 20 yard endzones allow for more freedom in the endzone which makes it easier to score. There is no sense having a 110 yard field and making it 65 yards wide (allowing moer room) and abruptly stopping it in the endzone.

The field fits nice into BC Place...


thats not the fault of the game. Thats the fault of not building proper stadiums.

actually not. The corners of the endzones are two close to the walls. Its dam dangerous. They should have given another 5 yrds of clearance at each end, or at least the corners.

Well there's a reason why NFL games are sold out and we're not.

yeah, its called having over 10 times the population and only about 3 1/2 times the number of teams. Then there is this thing called population density. Need you have that explained to you??

Toronto has a population of what? over 3 million! And there is more compitition of the entertainment dollar south of the border.

.....cripes.....if this guy isn't KK with a grammar check, I don't know what is.....more stinkin' rule changes.....

You think the reason the NFL is sold out is because of the goalposts and short endzones?

You don't think it's because of the multi-million dollar talent such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Chad Johnson, Brian Urlacher, Shaun Alexander, etc?

You also don't think it's because of the huge marketing campaign the NFL has and the big venues (except Green Bay) they play in?

The CFL does as well as it does not in in spite of the rules but because of them. It's an entertaining game because there is less downs, more space, less time between plays, and very pass-happy.

Making the CFL a clone of the NFL is not going to increase attendance.

Well maybe we should change the import rule. Allow the "great talent" to play up here.

wouldnt make a lot of difference. We cant afford to pay that for too many of them anyhow, and we still wouldnt improve the attendence much. Just look at the glory yrs of the argos with Flutie and the Rocket on the field, and Gretzky and Candy in ownership.

The great talent will never play up here because the CFL cannot afford the high-level salaries. They just don't have the tv deals the NFL has.