CFL Rule changes

The CFL has adopted the rule forcing teams to go for two after overtime TD, and 3 other changes:

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Also this rule change: - •"Will allow a team that gives up a field goal (during regulation time) the option of scrimmaging from its 35-yard line instead of receiving a kick-off"

Wasn't that always the rule until last year? why are they going back to that?

I like 3 of the 4 rule changes.

I do like only penalizing a team 5 yards if a ball hits a player from the kicking team after bouncing.
I do like the removing of pass interference on a ball that is deemed not catchable.
I do like allowing a team the option of starting at their own 35.

I don’t like making a team go for two points after a touchdown in overtime, I think mandating what a team must do on any given play is rediculous. I don’t much like overtime anyway, but, this just really makes no sense to force a team or a coach into this situation. Ah well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

The coaches wanted them to go back because of the toll the extra kickoffs take on the bodies of the players. Players are more likely to be injured on kickoffs than most other plays.

I need some clarification here: I thought that when the ball bounced on a punt and hit a player it already was just a 5-yard penalty? I thought the ball still had to be in the air for it to be a 15-yarder.

But it means less run backs and less excitement for the fans. Why not keep it and if you want to cut down on injuries on kicks then bring in a "fair catch" rule on punts?

That's the case when it's the receiving team that touches the ball and the kicking team is within the 5 yards.

If it hit a player on the kicking team it was always 15 yards:

Article 1 – Restriction On Offside Player (No Yards)
(This article does not apply to a “dribbled ball?.)

When on a kick from scrimmage (ball crosses the line of scrimmage), or on an openfield
kick, a player who is offside in relation to the kicker:
(a) if the player first touches, or is touched by, the ball:
PENALTY - in field of play - L 15 from PBT (point ball touched)

  • in goal area - L 15, penalty applied at 10-yard line[/i]

See, no mention of it being in the air or on the ground.

I would assume that if a player on the kicking team touches the ball intentionally, it will still be a 15 yard penalty whether it hits the ground or not.

I can't speak for the league or the coaches, but I always liked the 35-yard line rule and I think that requiring the kickoff after field goals actually SLOWED DOWN the pace of the game. The 35-yard line approach gets the offense back on the field quicker.

Also, the ball is live on kickoffs, so I'm not sure how a "fair catch" approach could work. Furthermore, I think the concern of coaches was not just about the returners, but the other 22 guys (plus the kicker) who are smashing into each other on kickoffs.

Pretty lame that a team HAS to go for a 2 pt convert in OT......makes for even weirder scores in the CFL, and for more confusion.

I hate the non-kickoff rule after a FG. Why should a team already get to start at their own 35 yard line, while not wasting any clock? Let's just say a team scores a go-ahead FG with 20 seconds left in the game, all a team would need is approximately 30 yards in 19 seconds, which isn't the hardest thing to do in the CFL. What makes it easier now is that no time moves on the clock, making it even easier for the team behind.

The other 2 rules are good, however, why make changes to a league's rules based on what the fans want? I get that they want more people to come to games, but, makes the CFL look bush-league now. I can't picture the NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA doing this. If they have in the past, then I retract this statement.

I also dislike the rule of starting at your own 35 if you want following a field goal.The CFL is famous for kick return's and amazing catch's.The more we alter kick's, the more we become like the sissy No Fun League.

dont worry this stupid ot rule will be changed back to how it was this past season next year.

like whats the point of all the rule changes.. if it aint broke dont fix it.

As usual another boring set of rule changes and rules designed to create even less offence and encourage teams to throw even fewer deep balls.

Spot on Killer, spot on.