CFL rotation of teams that lose

Alouettes and Roughriders are 2014 versions of last years Blue Bombers.
The CFL with it's 8 team league....err, I mean 9 team league now...
there is always at least 1 or 2 teams per year, that completely stink it up on field for many years.
Montreal and Sask are entering into this phase this year. sorry, but it is true.
Just be glad you are not the Shreveport Pirates nor Las Vegas Posse.

Home teams won 7 or 8 games. I predict the most parity we've seen in a long, long time maybe ever in the CFL.

Lol this is silly, and coming from a bomber fan. I don't see any team in the league, not even of the Hamilton, MTL, and BC teams this year that's going to match last year's Bomber debacle. That team was historically bad, a season that was possibly even worse than the Reinebold years for us and was surpassed I believe only by the 2003 Tiger-Cats. That being said while all 3 of those aforementioned teams are certainly having issues with their offenses, I could see all of them pulling some surprises out of the hat at various times this year.

As for the Riders, I hate those green men, but just because they lost one to a very upset Argos team the other day doesn't make them bad. Every team including the good ones have their problems every now and again, and yesterday's game was just one such day things didn't go right. Same thing happened to Toronto last week and they rebounded. They aren't going 2013 Bomber bad by far though, not until I see them lose about 7-8 games in a row with blowout and uncompetitive scores.

C'est un peu tôt dans la saison pour sauter aux conclusions.

Nous y verrons mieux lorsque toutes les équipes auront joué 6 ou 7 parties.

Pour l'instant, si les Alouettes peuvent maintenir leurs séquences à l'attaque, ils pourront avoir leur lot de victoires.