CFL Rosters on EA's NCAA10 - XBox360 & PS3

CFL rosters are ready for download from the NCAA Team Builder Site directly onto your Xbox 360 or PS3. Each CFL team has more than 10 complete rosters complete with Field and helmet logos and well designed jerseys including third and retro.

Select the rosters with the depth charts and player ratings that suit you and you are good to go. Finally somone else has done all the work for you. Or if you wish, create your own on NCAA10 create a team website and then download them yourself and allow others to do the same.

There have been other ways to enjoy the CFL on NCAA, Madden, Maximum Football, and 2k sports. But this is by far the easiest.


Thanks for the heads-up! Is it like NCAA bball where you need to be on somebody who's already dloaded the rosters friend list? Thanks!

Nope. If someone happens to be on your friends list, it does make their rosters easier to find is all. The best way to find the best rosters is to go browse them on the Team Builder website on your computor. Copy down the exact user name of the creater of the files that you like. Then go to your Xbox 360 and type in that exact name in the download section of Team Builder in the games menu.

Tip: To save time while browsing the teams. Click on the type of console you have to reduce the number of teams that will come up on you search. Look for the teams with the highest 5 star rating, or teams with "most recent" saves. Each time someone goes in to improve the teams roster and re-saves, the download history is wiped out. Thus the teams with the most downloads are often incomplete or not up to date.

Some of the best creaters for all CFL teams on the Xbox 360 include Hiddy10, GBonds, saks39, Kory Blackwell, and Stupz 91.