CFL Rogers Players Of The Week

Offensive Player of the Week is Dave Dickenson I can see the reasoning behind this choice, he played a great game with a 70% completion percentage and punching in a couple of TD's. Nealon was the official runner-up who I think probably got some serious consideration about being this week's Offensive player of the week considering his stats were very similar and even a little better in some areas compared to Dickenson. But overall I agree with the choice.

Defensive Player of the Weeks is LaDouphyous Mcalla. He had a great game and I agree 100% with this pick. He had 2 knockdowns and 1 interception. His 2 knockdowns could've easily been INT's but he just had trouble squeezing onto the wet ball.

Lineman of the Week Rashad Jeanty. I didn't get to see a lot of the game because I was working but the number speak for themselves. 3 sacks, a fumble recovery, and a special teams tackle. Sounds good to me.

Special Teams Player of the week Corey Holmes. This was a no-brainer 308 all purpose yards by one player is unbeliavable. Two Riders make the players of the week this week so no complaints from this guy right here.

Overall I agree with all picks, do you?

The Best part is, A Rider got #1 in 2/4 and was the runner up for one other. Gotta love the talent in all parts of our team!!!

Go Riders!!

HAY…I called that 1in another thread…D.D. …disturbing. :lol: :wink:

i agree with them all but i thought daves game wasn't all that great, allen in my opion had the exact type of game and dickenson but still good choices