CFL Rivalry lives on commercials

all the commercials are here except for the lions, my personal favourite is the idiot in the alouettes commercial

Interesting. I hadn't actually seen any of those before. Like how they got a stoner to play the guy from B.C. :lol:

the business guy makin fun of hamilton is the best one.
'duh, im a steel worker'...HAHAHA

where's the other Als Lions one? and anyone notice they have the old argos helmets

that's cuz it was from 2002....the teams all had old jerseys.

Those are HILARIOUS! :lol:

Oh man, I'd forgotten all about those...excellent find, chris! :lol:

The Ti-Cats ad with the Suit from Toronto is priceless.

Pretty funny stuff. First time I've seen any of them.

yeah, first time, same here. so funny. Who is the new CFL marketing director he better get something of this quality on national broadcast ASAP.