CFL Rights To QB Ian Book

Who, if anyone, owns the CFL rights to Ian Book, ND QB?

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The CFL Grey Cup Champions, Winnipeg Blue Bombers has Book's right as of right now according to the CFL website. The CFL negotiation list discloses a limited portion on their list. But the list can change over time if new developments happen

Would love to see Book up here but being a ND qb he will get an extensive NFL shot. If he can get a win over a Trevor Lawrence-led Clemson team then he will certainly be overrated by the NFL and get a huge payday down south.

Tom Clements, a former Irish quarterback did alright playing up here

Thanks. Tom Clements was one of my favorite Fighting Irish quarterbacks. I actually had hoped he would get the coaching position after they fired Ty Willingham.

Speaking of ND QBs, Joe Theisman spent 1971-1973 with the Toronto Argos before returning to the NFL with Washington.

More recently, Jarious Jackson with the the BC Lions in 2004? and finished with the Argos in 20212.

If Notre Dame can finish the season strong and does beat Trevor Lawrence and Clemson in the AAC Championship game and Book plays well he might, but I feel he would be better suited to play in the CFL.


Sorry I omitted Joe Theisman.

I'm not saying that Book will never play up here. We just won't see him for 3-5 years.
I'm not sold on him being a great NFL QB, but he will definitely get a shot or two (and a big paycheque) down south before he might come up here.

National Champion QB Tony Rice also had a short stint in the CFL.

Ditto for Kevin McDougal whose time in the league was a touch longer


Rice was basically an option qb , not well suited for either pro league.
Jarious was mediocre at ND, don't know how he got a shot up here.
Quinn may have been the best pro prospect in the last 45 years and he went bust. Don't know why, I loved him.
Even DeShone Kizer has had an NFL shot and I don't think he could hit the broad side of a barn.
It just seems that the qbs from major programs get overrated sometimes because they're labelled as 'winners'.
JaMarcus Russell (LSU) , several Bama qbs and pretty well every USC qb in the last 40 years come to mind.

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Definitely. Rice although a great athlete, did not have the arm for the CFL. McDougal was alright at everything but not a standout.
Jackson had just come off a stint with the Denver Broncos, and getting him was seen as a bit of a score for the Lions.
Quinn was a great college QB, but the best pro prospect in 45 years? That’s a bit of a stretch. LoL
Another ND QB that never quite panned out in the CFL was Everett Golson. Thought he would be great for the Canadian game, and the Ticats gave him a look but nothing ever came of it.
Too bad you don’t like Kizer. Is it a bad time to mention that the Argos added him to their neg. list and we might see him up here in the near future?

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When I said best pro prospect I was only talking about ND QBs

Think Rick Mirer might have something to say about that.

Guy played in a much more conservative offense than Quinn enjoyed in later years and still managed to be drafted # 2 overall in the NFL draft. Had a decent journeyman yet unremarkable pro career.

The biggest issue with Brady Quinn was being drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He was more or less "thrown to the wolves" behind a terrible offensive line and bad coaching. His receivers were rarely open and he developed some bad habits - including "happy feet." He still holds most of the quarterback records at Notre Dame.

TBH I forgot about Mirer. Still liked Quinn more. If you liked Mirer more, that's OK.
I also forgot about Ron "Multiple Heismans" Powlus. Threw for a bunch of yards but could never get over the fatal mistake of having his eyes lock on the primary receiver.

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How do you explain Quinn's tenure with the Dallas Cowboys then? He was a good college player, but a terrible pro player. A lot of people lost their jobs hitching their wagons to this stiff