CFL right to snub the NFL?

Interesting, we get a glimpse as to what the NFL was after...

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I've had it with the Pioda guy, that guy is getting on my nerves.

The best and only way to fight this is the fans. They have to buy tickets, season tickets, whatever tickets. Just go to the games and out sell the bills. It'll ensure the bills get pushed off the front pages. People have to make the Argo's matter like the Leafs do. What this whole thing comes down to is what the fans in Toronto do. In the end nothing else matters.

I believe the CFL will be fine, however, it would be nice to have a 9th succesful CFL franchise as a security blanket. Whether it be Ottawa, Moncton, Halifax or Quebec City, we need to have something to fall back on and take the blow if the Argos do fall one day, which i don't see happening. If they do, i can't see any of the other markets being affected. Everyone else is to far away, and well, Hamilton, they will reap the benefits because they will be the #1 choice among CFL fans in southern Ontario, because they are the only choice. I don't think it's going to happen, but it's always nice to have a security blanket.

Poida Smith is probably a Globe and Mail reporter trying to stir things up.
He only appears when there's a controversial CFL article.
He tells everybody what a great NFL fan he is, but he rarely comments on NFL stories.
And any attempt to contradict this guy gets your account deleted.
I just don't understand what is going on with that newspaper, and what their agenda is?
Hopefully these guys haven't been bought and paid for. Sometimes you have to wonder.

In the link above Allan Maki of the Globe @ Mail says

The CFL was quick last week to argue “the concept of becoming an NFL developmental league? was never considered, and Cohon said he did not support such a concept.
but why did Dave Naylor of the Globe @ Mail in his article a few days ago [see below]

deliberately make reference to NFL Europe
which is a NFL-owned development league

if his sole purpose wasn't to confuse the issue
and scare CFL fans into thinking that

the CFL had just had talks with the NFL
about buying an equity position with them,

and not just the continuation of the option year
agreement permitting players to try out with NFL teams?

However, Allan Maki went on to say

What wasn't denied was

the CFL's willingness to play the equity card
to co-exist with the hairiest* of pro sports leagues.

  • big gorilla in the room

He backs that up with a reference
to a past comment Mark Cohon made.
CFL commissioner Mark Cohon acknowledged

the NFL-in-Canada threat at
last November's Grey Cup address.

His words underlined a belief it is better to have

the NFL onboard as an equity holder
as opposed to a home invader.

Hmmmm..very interesting

did Mr. Cohon mean that
then, or was he 'posturing'?

and if he meant it, then,
has he changed his mind now?

David Naylor's quote

Talks about a new working agreement between the CFL and NFL

included proposals from the Canadian league
that the NFL take an equity position in the CFL

and that the three-down league might
take on a player-development role,

much like that of the now-defunct NFL Europe.

The thing is nobobdy really knows how the Bills thing in Toronto is going to work out. The jury is out if Toronto really wants NFL football big-time, or CFL football big-time or any football really. It's a weird city. Ok, the Argos do have some 14,000 season ticket holders, not bad considering some recent history. This is good, not great by any means but good.
But personally I'm just confused by the Toronto football market and I don't know what to think of it right now.

One thing the NFL needs to consider is the possible explosion of soccer in this country which could possibly affect the CFL is some detrimental way and ultimately interest in all gridiron, I don't know. Both leagues need to be working together in some way to help gridiron stay popular as soccer continues to climb in the ratings. Everyone needs to be aware of this.

Another factor is the Blue Jays and their popularity one way or another. They seem to be stabilized right now, I don't think they make Rogers much money if any but they are established. Although at some point they might need a baseball-only facility to keep the real baseball fans happy, who knows.

ANother opinion / story in todays Province newspaper:

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Lowell Uhlrich is a big CFL supporter. He provides an interesting "Take" on the situation.

This agreement was not about the Bills coming to Toronto. It was about a joint football marketing program with the NFL and about compensation to CFL teams when the NFL signs option year players. The CFL also was willing to help develop young players to take the place of NFLE, with the NFL paying their salaries.

No big deal they couldn't come to agreement. The leagues have been operating without an agreement for the past two seasons.

In 1997, the NFL originally lent us some money in return for signing option year players. We paid it back in full. The agreement is over. Now, let's get back to some football!

In Australia the AFL is only popular in Victoria, South Australia and West Australia. Rugby is popular in New South Wales and Queensland... Both sports thrive.
The AFL has 16 teams with only one team in New South Wales despite that the state comprises over 1/3 of the Australian population. Victoria on the other hand, has 8 teams in Melbourne alone.
It is comparing apples to oranges..... because AFL/rugby are the no.1 sports in Oz while Hockey is the #1 sport in Canada... However... I truely believe that with the advent of Sportsnet (despite the fact it is owned by Rogers) that the CFL will always have it's games brodcast on TV. A future CFL might only be Western based but the CFL will always have atleast 5 teams..... BC,Edmonton,Calgary Sask, and the Peg.

Ah, where exactly are the MOntreal Alouettes, Toronto Argos and Hamilton Tiger CAts going Blin?
They're going to disappear why again?
If you ask me, the scenario I see is baseball being completely dead in CAnada within 5 years, with Ted Rogers unloading the Blue Jays.
But the CFL becoming 5 teams? Huh?