CFL Reviewing Hughes Hit on Printers

The CFL is reviewing the hit Stamps DE Charleston Hughes put on Ticats QB Casey Printers with eight minutes left in the second quarter of Thursday's game. The hit came on a 31-yard reception to WR Scott Mitchell, and Hughes was flagged for roughing the passer after he smacked his helmet into Printers' face mask.

I jumped out of my seat when i seen the hit on TV, if you missed it, skip ahead to 16:20 in the 2nd quarter

i remember thinking to myself during the game that the hit was kind of nasty. i was surprised Printers wasn't injured on the play

I can't say I'm surprized they are reviewing it. Because if you look, Hughes clearly saw that Printers threw the ball and THEN decided to make the hit right after. And it was a rough hit too, bashing his helmet into Casey's on purpose.

Don't know why Hughes was not ejected, and suspened. Intent to injure was very clear.

remember the hit tre smith took after catching the ball on punt return? they got 15 yard penalty, but the hit was very similar to the hit one of our guys did a few seasons ago and he was ejected as well for it…why wasn’t that guy ejected? he was clearly in the 5 yards

i dont think he should of got ejected for the hit on tre but i was suprised they didnt toss on a 15 yard penalty.

What quarter was the hit on tre in?

I don't particularly remember it. Maybe I was refreshing my beer at that point. The Kenny Wheaton hit on Jason French was a helmet to helmet as well, but i think it was coincidental. What is the CFL going to do about it anyway?

too bad his suspension will only help calgary's next opponent - winnipeg - and not the tabbies.

I hope they throw the book at him clearly NO pull up and leading with the helmet .... intent to injure have a look at that play .........BRUTAL :thdn:

Why bother suspending, he'll just appeal play all the games until the hearing then have the suspesion overturned. The CFL disciplinary rules are a joke!!!

That was a dirty head shot on Casey, make him pay up

The guys on TSN didnt even seem to blink an eye on that hit . Brutal hit and he sould of been gone and a 25 yard penalty . I swear that the refs dont see it if it`s Hamilton playing .

I was beginning to think that Calgary was going out there with the intent to punish (and injure) after seeing the helmet to chin hit on Printers and then the hit on Tre Smith. Personally, if I was the coach I would have sent my team out to punish as eye for an eye. But then I wouldn't last very long as a coach then would I?

My husband and I were at the Calgary game, and fairly close to the hit on Printers when it happened -- I didn't see it well myself, but my husband did and was yelling about it all night. We're glad to hear they're reviewing it, though it's too bad that had to come so far after the fact.

lets not forget that moreno knocked out burris last season with (depending on the observer) a dirty late hit out of bounds(calgary observer) or a clean hit by a player playing to the whistle(hamilton observer and league ruling). Calgary was fuming that there was no call or suspension last year and ended up fined for being critical of the league and refs.

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. I am sure that the players were gunning for printers for some payback. The player who hit him wasnt there last year was he? that dont matter, he is there now and if they used that to pump up themselves and go after casey he would buy into it also. They might have even had a pool. You put out our qb we will put out yours. Its been played like that for a hundred years, like it or not. Ive seen it myself, in my years playing in the CFL(Compton Football League), only difference was when we got the quarterback early, really was when he was coming out out of his house on gameday.
In my opinion it was a missed call. No suspension or fine but the refs have to be better than that.

If Hughes is found that he played dirty then of course he should get punished not doubt about it. but I have seen worse hits then that go on called. As far the Burris hit you bet fans reacted the very same way you are reacting. But thats not forget that AJ Gass and Jiminez have set the league standard as far as punishment. I would be very surprised anything comes of this. And yes Zeke was out of bounds. Who cares now? Why in the world would the Stamps carry this over to the next season seems pretty dumb to me. After all if that is theory then why is Jiminez still walking. That call a spade a spade . sour grapes from a terrible loss is what I saw. The score was embarassing so justify it all you want. The Tiger Cats still lost. Your team will do much better next week when Jesse returns. The old days of punishing a player from wrong doing is gone you might as well face it. The league is powerless in controlling the players behaviour on the field.

Firstly, Let's get real. Hughes should not be suspended.

Secondly, because of bleeding hearts, much of the contact has been removed from this game which is supposed to be played by men. Let's just convert the CFL to touch- football and open the door for women and children to play and there should be no more tears,