CFL reveals list of 10 negotiation list players for each team

About friggin time!

Each team has revealed 10 players that are on their neg lists. This move is only about a dozen years overdue, and provides talking points for the league for casual football fans in the long off season.

Some notable player on the lists include:

Braxton Miller, (MTL)
Tua Tagovailoa (HAM)
Tate Martell (TOR)
Ian Book (Sask)
Jaelen Strong (CAL)
Jake Browning (CAL)
Chrisitan Hackenburg (EDM)
Amir Abdullah (EDM)
Jake Fromm (BC)
**Bret Rypien (BC) -could be eligble to be a National QB.

Former Heisman trophy winner and Baltimore Raven QB Lamar Jackson is also on a CFL neg list. (BC)

I am not a fan of this neg list stuff …

Are there any rules that say what a CFL team has to comply with to add a player to their list? Or can they just throw a player on there as they see fit as long as he is not on anybody else’s list?

Tua, the star Alabama QB is the biggest name on the list. Chance of a CFL career cuz he’s a runner, plain ;n simple - possesses a good arm but NFL teams generally don’t mid to long-term success with the Michael Vick imitators!

And how many of these players know?
I bet they are just learning now and i bet some still don’t even know

Being a National is not an advantage for a QB