CFL Replay Centre

I'm hoping the CFL can provide an update on whether 72 year old Jake Ireland will still be manning the Replay Centre in the 2018 season, so that we can make our decision on renewing season tickets.
We won't spend another dime on tickets only to have more CFL apologies the week after calls the on field officials get right and he overturns.

I do hope that the Replay Centre keeps the call as made by the on-field officials unless it's a quite obvious mistake or missed call. I personally don't think it's as much about getting it completely right, which is often difficult to do anyways, but rather just overturning something quite obvious that the officials just missed. The on-field officials I believe deserve more respect than they have received in some games, that is for sure.

I don't expect CFL officiating to be any better (or any worse) for 2018. It seems to be what it is, both the on field calls and the replay centre.

Bad officiating and human error are part of the game, and part of the enjoyment. It's not a great stretch to perceive that the human element is what people like to watch. How long until CGI geeks can manipulate replays to obscure onfield results? Let the officials make calls.