This is becoming common place yet again as the CFL not only finished on top, but the top three spots as well.

TOP 10

1.2.3 CFL TSN Super Saturday Winn-Ham @ 387,000 The Printers factor, well above average 352,000
Friday Mon-Edmonton @ 349,000 plus I am adding the last known RDS average of 200,000 and especially
see below for “new math” several games calculation of NFL.
Saturday Sask-Cal @ 295,000 good number for afternoon
4. NFL Sunday Games, @ 285,000 bogus at best since three different channels and games on Sportsnet, Omni and City
we could then state how the CFL drew over 1M on Saturday?
5. 7. 9 MLB Sunday Sportsnet @ 284,000, Friday @ 259,000, Saturday TSN @ 219,000 well below 300,000 average as team out of contention
6. Nascar Sunday TSN @ 277,000
8. NFL Sunday Buff-Pitt CTV @ 249,000 low numbers for main network
10. NFL Sunday SD-NE TSN @ 213,000 low numbers for prime time

Noticeable low enders:

CFL, Saturday Tor-BC CBC @ 210,000, well below 399,000 average and in addition blackouts in BC for late night start
MLB, Sunday NY-Bos Sportsnet @ 164,000
MLS, Saturday Real Salt-TFC CBC @ 103,000 above 95,000 average but still infomercial
CIS, Saturday Conc-Mont Score @ 11,000 family and friends

Interesting, thanks for the numbers argotom. Every team has to get rid of the blackouts, expose, expose, expose I say, TV is very important to get numbers for the best deals for the league. At some point, I can see a team spending $10 million on a huge video board of some sort and playing in a packed 5,000-10,000 seat stadium all micked up to sound like 100,000. Hey, it might sound funny but I don't think this is far from the truth really. TV's and surround sound, people are staying home a lot more these days especially with TV's dropping in price. Money is generated from pay per view.

argotom; how do they get those numbers; I watched my games on my US sat? Do they include the numbers on NFL if there is a simulcast on a candian channel.. not bashing just curious; nobody phoned my house any of those times to see if i was watching...

trey - are you saying you watch US TV illegally? :slight_smile:

Hey Trey, the numbers are printed weekly from the Globe and Toronto Star locally.
The vast majority of papers do not print. I have tried to go on the Neilsen Media site to access and especially since the RDS numbers are not printed.
This is a closed "shop" situation as only media related outlets are privy to same.
As for your US satellite, same is not factored in just like some people who may watch the US channel feed. The numbers as so insignificant that they would not alter the end result.

[b]In 2006 RDS had an average of 214,000 an increased of
11% from the year before,

So why the media??????[/b]

Do they include the numbers on NFL if there is a simulcast on a candian channel
Networks always include those Canadians watching the American channel of their cable simulcast, as it increases their ratings and advertising revenue.

Hey argo, can you explain #4 please?

The reason for the low numbers for the Argos game is obvious. The game was blacked out in BC, meaning you lose at least 200,000 viewers.

And the reason the CFL still blacksout games is because they’re still a gate driven league.

Until they get the TV money they deserve, considering TV ratings, then blackouts will continue.

I think that if blackouts continue, it's a mistake. Short term gain for long term pain, you will leave out generations of people by not exposing them to the game. But I think it's a team by team decision so not much the league can do, is this correct?

Imagine the CFL dominated most of the summer even with the black outs (+ 200,000) and without RDS (+ 214,000). The average ratings should have been even more.

RDS + 214,000 Alouettes games only

Chief, this figure is the combination of three different games at the same 4:00 pm starting time and broadcast on three seperate channels, Sportsnet Omni and City.
The mere suggestion of combining these figures is ludicrous.
For instance a couple of weeks back, there were two CFL games overlapping with the end of one on TSN and the beginning of another on CBC. No one in their right mind would say during the overlap the combined audience was this. At least it did not make it in the Neilsen's and printed on Tuesday.
This again is what I call a conspiracy by the NFL and combination current TV Canadian right holders, especially Sportsnet, to make the audience bigger then the current pathetic number that it is.
It won't work with most sane people like us here on the CFL who will expose such nonsense.


...whoa, I thought I was quick on the draw, nice one phantom editter....

...Statik, it wasn't a mod that banned you, it was CFLpm, one of the admins, take your problem to him....the rest of us have no time for whining....

re: blackouts - the NFL does not allow teams to choose what they will black out or not black out. If the game is sold out 72 hours before start time, the black out is lifted automatically. If not, the black out stays in place regardless of whether or not it sells out closer to game time. I like the CFL method better for now.

Question :

Since RDS used the TSN images for NFL games is it included in the TSN ratings?


That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks.