CFL releases statement on recent tragedy in Saskatchewan

TORONTO — The CFL released the following statement on Tuesday:

“The CFL stands with the communities of James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, as well as the entire province of Saskatchewan through this unspeakable tragedy. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and any who have been affected by this horrific act of senseless violence. 

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Not sure what, but I was kind of expecting more.

They used more words to unjustly condemn Christion Jones

Yes a sad weekend here with one of the lunatics still roaming free.

I don't know why the CFL feels the need to comment at all.
What does this have to do with football?
Because it happened in Saskatchewan?
Did the CFL condemn the people burning down churches in the wake of the Kamloops residential school controversy?


I was surprised but I figured if they were going to do this, they would express better instead of form response no response would be the next condemnation. Damned if you do, damned if you don't


I totally agree with you , wegothecup. This is about people first , not just sports. The , Canadian Football League , repressenting its fans and the rest of Canada , is just sending its condolences to the victims of the this senseless crime . At a time like this, we are all people first and ...everything else comes second.


Possibly because the suspects were believed to be in Regina during the game and there was a genuine fear that they might attack people randomly as they left the game. As a result, there was an increased police presence around the stadium. Fans were directly affected and I imagine team and league personnel had to coordinate with law enforcement to ensure everyone was safe.

So yes, the league was affected.

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I too find it strange that the CFL would "Release a Statement" as if it was something they could control. It's nice that they care about what happens in the community but is our football league going to "Release a Statement" on Global Warming and Oil Prices next?

I can hardly wait until they clarify their position on the state of Daycare in Flin Flon.

11 people died. Show a little respect.

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It's okay for me or anyone to give their condolences and weigh in on the Saskatchewan community which lost 11 people to senseless violence. Wondering why EVERY sports or recreational entity in our nation is expected to issue a statement on every crappy thing that happens to every community is JUST what... normal?

Second largest mass killing in Canadian history maybe?

They have cuaght the last one today Near Saskatoon

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Looked like every police cruiser in the province was there. Witness statement said he was smiling as they cuffed him.

Maybe this time the parole board won't cut him loose. 59 convictions in about 13 years


Sick man. He'll be a marked man in the big house

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Global News iscreporting the scumbag is dead now.

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I hope that the victims and their families will sue the hell out of the parole board of Canada.

Down in the states, they correctly refer to our system as catch and release.


In my humble opinion their was no need for CFL to state their case on this senseless mass murder by two native brothers. :thinking: What if the circumstances involved two white citizens :question:

We are living in a way too "Politically Correct World" when will this BS stop :interrobang:

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why is it that numbers seems to make it worse. One life lost or 20, it is all a tragedy. Did the CFL acknowledge the following in any way last year

Suspect in fatal shootings on Sask. First Nation arrested by RCMP | CBC News

Wonder if it means anything that the following took place 1 year later

Saskatchewan RCMP issue province-wide alert for shooting on First Nation unrelated to stabbing - The Globe and Mail

It sounds like he dined on some fentanyl when he was pulled over. Gutless of course.