CFL relaxes rules on touchdown celebrations #TSN

The Ticat fishing boat was a real classic !

Old enough to remember the taunting rule.

And Ronnie Lancaster's comment to the effect - celebrate as if you have been there before.

Why even score then.. gotta get pumped up, I'm for any celebrations. Offenses love doing them and defensive players hate having it done on them fuels both sides.

IMO, there is too much self-centred childish dancing around after some players make a play which is simply doing the job that got them their job. Some of the parties held by players after scoring are simply boring.

I’m sure Masoli, Alex Green, Banks, Saunders, Tolliver, Tasker and Mike Jones are aware of this new development, and now have something entertaining planned for us Ticats fans after they score each Hamilton TD tonight.

The Boat is Legendary

As a Ti-Cat fan…I’d be happy seeing a Touchdown!

Stala didn’t need a prop to ‘hacky sack’ that ball out of the park! Now that was a celebratation to remember! I hope we don’t see anything hidden in the upright padding!

Oskee wee wee


Finally we are not acting like the no fun league. Love the celebrations ...boat was great....bombers have had some good ones over the years.
Not a big fan of the hidden props ....
Would love to see the d-line do the old Mark Gastineau after a sack.

Who cares if you have been there before...this is entertainment with real players playing, should be okay to show positive emotion....and expression.
Or do we prefer our players to be like the staunch and robotic British army?

My favourite!

There will NEVER be agreement on this. You love 'em. I can’t stand 'em.

The pendulem swings.

We love ‘em when it’s our guys, hate ‘em when it’s theirs. Borderline on taunting. I really hate ‘em when the guy gains about 3 yards for a first down. Sort of like your toddler wearing a tux to his kindergarden “graduation?? Or arriving in a limo.

I am not a fan of this kind of thing and feel it is not sportsman like when they dance like that.
I don’t remember anything like that in the 60’s , and Johnie Rogers,( if that’s how spell it), in the 70’s.
Can you imagine if you did that and Mosca was there. I guess I am from the ole school, and
don’t see any sense in that this and as far as I am concerned it shouldn’t be part of the game of football.

Johnny Rogers wasn't he the one that used to run into the endzone backwards to show off?

oldmanschool, you and I totally agree. Did you see Tasker’s celebration? NADA. Just dropped the ball.

I’m kind of old-school too, but I’ve warmed up to the idea. Most celebrations that I have seen involve other members of the team. As long as celebrations don’t cross the line into “taunting”, them I don’t have an issue with them.

I DO think that some of the antics players make after making a routine play (tackle, reception, run, etc) are over the top - There was a Chicago Bears player who, celebrating a sack, jumped into the air, landed, and tore his ACL. IMHO, plays like that deserve a high-five, shoulder-slap, etc. I also like that our defence, after a GREAT play (INT, fumble recovery, big sack on 2nd down, etc) gather in a circle, and the player, usually Simoni, swings the football like a huge sledgehammer pounding the ground. To me, that’s appropriate.

Johnny Rogers wasn't he the one that used to run into the endzone backwards to show off?
Yes you are rite Espo, I m sorry I meant to say that. That's why I mentioned his name . I n the 70's I believe it was he would catch a long pass and run into the end zone backwards . That is the one that stands out in my mind.

Looking forward to the celebration routines all teams have planned for the labour day weekend games. - Should be fun!