CFL related Christmas gifts

It seems my family all had the same thing in mind when they were choosing Christmas gifts for me. Among the gifts I received were 2 Ti-Cats gift packages (each package contained a Ti-Cats toque and gift certificates for two bronze tickets to invite friends to some game this year.)

I also received a Ti-Cats hoody and a great scarf.

I guess they know I'm a Cats fan. lol

One of the toques is called the 'Ugly Sweater' toque - and it is that! So much so that I LOVE it!

I think the 'Ugly sweater' toque looks good on my head. :slight_smile:

I hope everybody is having a great Chistmas.

I have that hat. Came with tickets.

Nice gifts. They shoulda got you Just for Men beard & moustache. Get some colour on that goatee TPat!!