CFL reinstates NFL window into player contracts

CFL reinstates NFL window into player contracts

Teams around the Canadian Football League have voted to reinstate the NFL window.

[b]David William Naylor[/b] ✔@TSNDaveNaylor Breaking: CFL teams vote to reinstate “NFL Window? ... allowing CFL players to work-out for NFL teams/sign NFL contracts heading in off-season heading into the final year of their CFL deals. Matter was voted down in January, approved this week. [url=]#CFL[/url] [url=]3:48 PM - Jul 20, 2018[/url]
But there is a catch.
[b]David William Naylor[/b] ✔@TSNDaveNaylor NFL Window provision will be part of standard player contracts for all players signed after Aug.20th. CFL was required to give 30 days notice to the CFLPA. [url=]#CFL[/url] [url=]3:52 PM - Jul 20, 2018[/url]
That means players such as James Wilders Jr. or Johnny Manziel won’t be able to entertain NFL options in the winter. Wilder Jr. and defensive lineman Victor Butler expressed frustration that the Toronto Argonauts wouldn’t allow them to pursue lucrative NFL opportunities last off-season. Both players signed two-year deals with the Grey Cup-champion Argos prior to the 2017 campaign. Commissioner Randy Ambrosie had said it was too late for the league to look at the matter for 2018.

Whats the reason for doing this now ?

I heard it was because of the NFL camps coming up .,.......

Or is it the new spring leagues and there willingness to offer the player up to the NFL every year ?

It’s a smart decision. You will lure in more talent by telling them they can walk for an NFL offer.

Lure more talent? There's no shortage of talent in the CFL! Talent isn't the problem. Player continuity/stability is the problem! I'm sick and tired of the musical chairs when it comes to CFL team rosters.

This rule change will simply lure more one season Johnnys to the CFL. That will exacerbate not help the problem.


So you are trying to say the rosters were more volatile when the option was around? Not sure I've ever heard that one before.

Reality is that players will sign that 1+1 because they feel it gives them the window...but they soon realize that they are not going to smash their way through the CFL once they get here and actually play. Only 20 percent of options ever got that shot. That 1+1 is really a 2 year deal 8o % of the time.

Also...considering 2 new leagues are starting and have open contracts they really have no choice

It's a tough call. Yes, the downside is that we sometimes experience some greater turnover on the rosters. The upside is that we might attract some greater talent to the league because of that freedom.

Overall, I don't mind having that window. The reality is that the CFL's pay is much lower than that of the NFL, so I don't think we should begrudge players the opportunity to set themselves up for life.

The only change I'd like to see, though, is to have the remaining year of the contract not expire. So if a player goes down south after his first year, then spends a year on an NFL roster but then gets cut and returns to the CFL, he still owes the team he signed with a year. It's rough enough on a team and its fans to lose an asset to the NFL but then to have him come back a year later and sign with a rival just makes it worse.

That means players such as James Wilders Jr. or Johnny Manziel won’t be able to entertain NFL options in the winter.

If the CFL offers for the new policy to apply to existing contracts the CFLPA will not say "no".
I doubt the league will go in to the off-season with a two-tier system for players ending the first year of their two-year contract.

Agreed ... but in perpetuity ... if the players goes into a second season in the NFL then the "option year" disappears.

I would like to see something similar as well. Perhaps not never expire, but extend to the next season or an exclusive CFL re-entry negotiation window (the next NFL tryout year, plus one) of 2 weeks in which said club could negotiate or trade those rights to do so. Not a huge fan of the whole getting them back for 7-9 games and the insane bidding war that often follows a player simply because they had a cup of coffee in the NFL.

Yeah, I like the negotiation window idea.....maybe treat them like neg list players and/or give the former team the right to match any new offers.

I'm sure the Lions would've liked to have been able to match the Bombers offer for Bighill or at least get something in return for his rights.

yes. The biggest thing for me is stemming the bloated contracts when they return.

Johnny Manziel must be twitching some lol

Any word on how this will affect minimum first time contract lengths? Will minimum contracts for first-timers now be 1+1, or will they be 2+1? If 2+1, like (I think) they used to be, then existing contracts wouldn't be affected anyway.

I would like to see players having an NFL window prior to starting their option year. The teams also need to have a benefit as well. Something like:

  • Perhaps the expiration dates of contracts be altered so that contracts expire before the NFL window, allowing players to pursue NFL opportunities without have to ask for a release.
  • When an NFL team signs a CFL player whose contract expired within the last 6 months their former team will be due a development fee (a relatively low amount - say $20k or $5k if signed to a practice roster)
  • If an NFL team signs a CFL player during the window (who has at least 1 year left on their contract) their former team would get the amount they would have made if they were still playing in the CFL.
    *If the player is released by their NFL team, they have a limited amount of time to get a new NFL contract, or their rights revert back to their CFL team for the remainder of their contract.
    *Players who remain in the NFL on contract have their CFL rights owned by their previous team until the rights are traded away or released (sort of like the negotiation list, but the player can't trigger a window to sign a contract or remove the name).