CFL Refs?

Why is it that we get the CFL Officials in the last Tiger-Cat and Edmonton game who can call a back to back interference and roughing penalty on one player Delvin Breaux for 30 yards?

I mean in all my years I have never witnessed such a stupid call by an official but than again, that's CFL refs for you. Yes of course anyone can say they are only human but that's cop out if I ever heard one, I would expect if they were only human they would call a better game or get fired and they should, lets hire a computer or robot instead less chance of human ignorance and screw ups.

When you have one player like Breaux who interferes with a player and he did, okay call a penalty and (one only) not two and 30 yards back to back and yet when Marcel Young the DB For Edmonton had a hold of Taskers and Fantuze's jersey all night long No calls??

Edmonton should have been penalized all night long does the CFL Officiating and Glenn Young not review game footage to see where the officials went wrong? There is No quality control with CFL Ref's and their should be and fans should demand it, it's just BS!!

It's unbelievable how inept these Referees are to call such an unbalanced game but they have done it all year, I haven't seen one game where you could honestly say that the Refs did a satisfactory job, or even a balanced one, certainly not one that the Tiger-Cats played in 2014 so far?

Reminds me of that football TV Commercial from years back zebra - YouTube

you don't watch many NFL games do ya

NOPE !! The National Felony League SUCKS !!

I was talking to OP, but since you answered, you therefore have nothing to compare CFL refs to, if indeed you feel critical of them.

Heh, that’s a new one. I liked Jon Stewart’s “The League of Exculpatory Gentlemen”

Suggest you contact the CFL Officials using the above web site.

BTW - Don’t you mean National Felony League beats all

guess they must have been using cfl refs

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Both the NFL and NCAA officiating has been questionable at best so far this year.

And the Officiating ain’t any better tonight in the Bears/Jets game!

I generally do not like to complain but on the play in question I have to agree with Bigcat. I was at the game and couldn’t believe thevcall. I PVR all games as well and watched the next day and even Matt Dunigan couldn’t understand the call. This after a missed PICTURE on Fantuz in Q1. At least in this case, the refs did not decide the final outcome of the game.

The PI call on Breaux was a good call. Breaux grabbed the receiver’s arm, then his jersey, and then reached around with his right arm and pulled him down. I didn’t see anything that would have been called unnecessary roughness, but I also didn’t see what Breaux was doing with his right arm at the end.

Can the same act result in two penalties? The rule book seems to support it in the case where one is UR, although it doesn’t come right out and say it.

[b]RULE 7 – FOULS & PENALTIES SECTION 2 – MAJOR FOULS Article 1 – General Application[/b] (a) The penalty for a major foul shall be applied [u]in addition to[/u]: (i) [u]any other penalty for any other foul[/u]...

After watching that on my PVR, I noticed that Breaux seemed to grab Bowman a couple of times, and on the first one Bowman’s head seemed to get pulled down a bit, so maybe he got a piece of the facemask. Don’t know why they didn’t call it facemasking then, but it’s the only thing that could have possibly been even close to an UR call.

Fantuz is being held on pretty much every play. It appears that he has given up appealing to the officials for the right call. It is not good when your star players aren't allowed to be your star players because zebras aren't doing their job. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy on the east side of THF)

yeah, I know exactly what you’re saying, all sports have poor officials, that can’t be disputed. I think the officials in most cases are trying their best, but the negative is either more common than the positive or just more noticeable. It’s best when the officials let the players decide the game, they need to learn to put the flags away and throw them when a REAL penalty occurs. This problem is not just with CFL refs, unfortunately it’s with ALL officials of ALL leagues, it must be hard to be an official because a lot of mistakes are made and that only happens when it’s a tough task.

Unfortunately I think criticizing the officials has the same result as criticizing your child's teacher - more of the action that caused your complaint.
I don't think tho that fan complaints are even read. Probably only registered complaints by the teams are considered.
I would like to see a weekly posting from the refs head office that gave totals for all games played that week for: penalties called; penalties not called, and penalties that were flat out wrong.
The 'no yards' penalty should be revisited after the GC so that players not moving or moving away from the returner, but within the 4-5 yd range are not penalized

You just know if Fantuz tries to appeal to the refs when there is DPI on him that he will be called for objectionable conduct! :roll: Austin didn’t even bother to challenge either one of two plays in a row where there was DPI (resulting in us kicking a FG instead of getting a TD) because the last time he challenged an obvious DPI (on Tasker last week) it was rules insufficient evidence!! :roll: :frowning: Not much sense in being able to challenge the call if the CC won’t overturn unless it is REALLY blatant! Apparently tugging on shirts to impede progress no longer qualifies as DPI on SOME receivers!! :roll:

The same applies to receivers on all CFL teams - not just Fantuz.
Pass interference calls (or the lack thereof) in this league are now at the laughable stage.

You mean to tell me that the 'Cats get away with PI holding!!!